Short Packed: Bite sized reviews.

By Christopher Troy

DC Direct seems to like making  a liar out of me. A while back, I previewed 3 different lines of figures (Blackest Night series 7 & 8, Mass Effect 2 series 1) that were supposed to be on shelves by now. They aren’t, and all 3 lines have been pushed back to the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2011. Why? DC Direct gave no reasons, but the company is apparently notorious for doing such. This makes for me being a sad panda, although my bank account is pleased as it can recover from the holidays.  HOWEVER, the first line of Green Lantern Classics are out (Mattel) and we got them! I haven’t picked up any yet (Kyle Rayner was sold out when I got to the shop), but they look great! Look for a review sometime in the new year.

Moving along, today we’re gonna to take a look at what’s in the import section of Forbidden Planet’s NYC store, as there’s some stuff that tends to get overlooked, or sells out real quick so it doesn’t get it’s time in the spotlight.

Konami’s R-Style Evangelion  and Haruhi figurines.

Konami, much like SEGA, just doesn’t just  releases games in Japan, they’re also famous for releasing some cool toys from time to time. The R-Style line is Konami’s brand of super-deformed chibis based on popular series.  You really can’t do much with them, they are pretty cheap, are well-sculpted and painted, and can be displayed easily.  Not for everyone, but I have a few of the EVA ones (plus some older R-Styles from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann), and unlike most Gasaphon, you acutally know who you’re buying via indication on the side of the box.

Sengoku Basara 3 Revoltechs

Sengoku Basara is attempting to be the new anime hottness, but doesn’t seem to be fairing as well as say….Hetalia. The 3rd games(Created by Capcom)wa s released as a budget title somewhere between Halo Reach and the new Call of Duty, hoping to attract the same American audience that digs the Dynasty Warriors series (which is what Sen-Bas pretty much is, only based on Japanese history…which makes it Samurai Warriors…..WHOOPS!). Anywho, this is the 3rd and 4th Revoltechs to represent the franchise and are the 94th and 95th entries in the main line. Ieyasu (right) and Misunari (obviously) are the leads for the 3rd game, and why they aren’t as flashy (or popular) as the previous entries leads, they sport the insane amount of accessories and articulation the line is known for.  You can get the game and each figure for about $40 bucks a pop, so if you’re interested in a cool spin on Japanese history, check them out.

Nendoroids/Peti Nendoroid

Good Company’s Nendoroids can be considered Figma’s super-deformed little sibling. While Figma focuses on being super accurate to property it’s representing. Nendoroids are poseable, stylized chibis with variant faces and accessories.  They usually run around the same price as Figmas though, so they are no means a cheaper alternative. What is though is the Peti Nendoroids, which usually posses little to no articulation or accessories, but at a 1/5th of the price and have the same amount of detail. My wife is a big collector of the Petis as we have a shelf full of tiny Vocaloids,  Haruhi characters, as well as resprentatives from Lucky Star and Fate/Stay Night …alright so Peti Saber may be mine. Anyway, unlike R-Style, these are random, and there are variants, so you’ll have to take some chances with your dollars when you pick them up.

That’s all for this week. Aside from what was mentioned above, we have a huge selection of other toys, like various Play Arts/Formations, statues and other random gasaphon. Again, feel free to swing by the store or the website to see what’s in, as we get in shipments weekly!

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