Transformers Reveal The Shield Special Ops Jazz Review!

By Loran

Hasbro, it’s about time, and you’ve really outdone yourselves!

Ever since the Classics line debuted back in 2006, I’m pretty sure Jazz was really high the list of characters fans wanted to see updated. And why wouldn’t they? Jazz is awesome! He’s cool, he’s suave, and he’s the Autobots’ second-in-command in the cartoon (though in the toys it was Prowl…). Sure, we got a G1 homage in the Target-exclusive Movie Jazz, but for the life of me I never saw him on the pegs once. Besides, why take a repaint of a not-so-great figure when you can get an awesome new mold instead?

Jazz’s alt-mode is a sportscar resembling a cross between a modern Porsche 911 Turbo like the original Jazz and the Movie Jazz’s Pontiac Solstice mode. For all intents and purposes, it works, though it is kind of easy to tell where one car ends and the other begins. The deco pays very good tribute to the original design, minus the MARTINI stickers, of course. I do wish he had painted hubcaps and front grille, though. It would help break up all the white a bit more.

One of Jazz’s best features is his speakers. You can open up his doors and deploy giant stereos to annoy all of his neighbors! I don’t think Grapple and Hoist will appreciate it that much. They’re also mounted on the same 3mm pegs that Straxus and many other new figures use so you can put them on whomever you want! Also, his gun stores right behind his bumper. Very nice.

The gimmick of the “Reveal the Shield” line harkens back to the rubsigns of old. Instead of using the classic sticker, they now resemble the outline of the Autobot symbol. And honestly? They don’t work. Maybe it’s too cold in here, but for the life of me I can’t get my shield to REVEAL! It’s the same on my Tracks figure, too…

Jazz’s transformation is very simple, seeming like a VERY simplified version of an Alternator. He comes with some great automorph gimmicks in the feet and the torso. The gimmick in the feet isn’t all too impressive, and can be a pain to get back into place properly. The torso, however, is very cool, with the front of the car being able to swing down after you move the arms out of the way, causing the head to pop up. Getting this to stay in place is kind of tricky, as the windshield doesn’t quite “click” into place, causing the chest to swing around a bit if you aren’t careful.

His robot mode is just AWESOME. He’s exactly what you’d expect a modernized version of the G1 Jazz to look like. He’s got great poseability, with double joints in the knees AND the elbows. He comes off looking like a great cross between the toy model and the comic/cartoon model. The only thing he’d really need in my opinion is a shoulder-mounted cannon-because come on, ALL of the 1984 ‘bots need those!

He also has some great detailing on his midsection, paying great tribute to the G1 toy. His feet are nice and chunky and keep him really steady. His face has some excellent sculpted detail, and of course, LIGHT PIPING, though I wonder why he has such an unhappy face. He’s Jazz, he should be smiling! Or at least smirking…

Aside from the aforementioned lack of a shoulder cannon, his accessories ARE pretty awesome. The speakers are nicely detailed and removable and you could place other guns on their ports! His rifle is based on the gun from his PRETENDER figure! How ‘bout that.

Also, if you want, you can give him Animated Jazz’s nanchaku or Universe Cyclonus’s Targetmaster buddy! (Come on, Hasbro, Ricochet repaint when?) Gotta love those 5mm pegs!

Yes. Jazz is awesome. I can honestly say the wait was totally worth it. If you see him on our shelves, do not hesitate to pick him up! He’s worth every penny.

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