A Unicorn-y Build Log Part 5

By Loran

And so, I have reached a conclusion on yet another kit for the Unicorn-y build log. I had a feeling this kit was going to take a lot less time than the Destroy mode, and I guess I was right about that one-painting an already white kit white is probably one of the easiest things to do. I was able to finish this in less than a week even with juggling work and school, and with finals season plus holidays rush, it couldn’t have come soon enough!

All I have left to do on this kit are the panel lines. I’m not too worried about that since it won’t really affect this review, and I actually need to get a finer mechanical pencil. The one I use now is too thick and needs to be sanded down to actually work. Ah well.

Still, the molded detail on this kit is superb. I wouldn’t say it’s as sharp or impressive as the HGUC Hi-Nu, but still pretty good. The only area where the molded colors don’t match the “actual” colors is the shield, and that’s a simple enough paintjob. As per most HGUC kits, the skirt armor needs to be split, and the horn needs to be filed down to look nicer. Trust me, it looks much better without a giant glob of plastic sticking off the end of the horn.

The articulation is the same as the Destroy Mode. This doesn’t come as any surprise since they both share the same “A” runner (the only difference being the lack of a V-fin on Unicorn mode). As such, the Unicorn Mode doesn’t have any neat double joints or anything fancy. One grievance I have with this is the elbow joints. For some reason, mine pop out pretty easily-they don’t like to stay in tightly. It doesn’t REALLY affect quality or anything, but it’s kind of annoying.

This kit also includes a pair of open-palm hands which the Destroy Mode lacked. I wish more kits came with these!

Since I already covered the bazooka in the Destroy Mode review, I’m going to cover that kit’s beam rifle here. It’s a really nice gun-long and very… rifle-ish. I’m not sure what else to say. It’s very reminiscent of the VSBRs from Victory Gundam, and I like that a lot. Supposedly the gun is a magnum, but… I don’t really see it. However, it does have a little piece of “extra cartridges”, which can be stored on the rear skirt armor. Same goes for the extra magazine for the bazooka. I couldn’t get a good picture of it, but be careful when putting the spare cartridges and magazines into the rear skirt. I somehow broke the hole on my Destroy Mode. Whoops…

Of course, the kit is shorter than its Destroy Mode compatriot, coming in at a size that you’d expect more from a kit of this era-still taller than the stuff from the One Year War, but not gigantic.

If you already own the Destroy Mode kit, getting this is a no-brainer to have both modes. It gets you an extra gun and a way to display have the suit without worrying about scratching any paint. And hey, if you don’t like one mode but like another, you can buy just one! EVERYBODY WINS!

Once things start to die down, I’m going to continue the trend with another kit from Unicorn, effectively finishing off all the Unicorn kits I have. This time, I’m going for the Delta Plus in the colors of Amuro’s Zeta Plus. Another edit by my totally awesome friend Josh, this one looks much cooler than the normal grays and blues of the regular Delta Plus. Sometimes, I like doing something different! Well, okay, that’s more than just sometimes…

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