New Comics Get A Boost

Dark Horse has Buffy the Vampire Slayer #39 out this week, but their hottest title to hit the stands might just be Evelyn Evelyn a hard cover graphic novel from the Dresden Dolls front woman Amanda Palmer. The GN is an account of how she “discovered” her latest musical project, that of conjoined twins Evelyn and Evelyn.

Dark Horse has been turning to rock lately for a publishing boost and I hope to heck they have another hit on their hands like they did with The Umbrella Academy. Comic Books needs all the talents it can have, no matter where they come from!

DC has more Batbooks than one can comfortably conceive of this week, but the one I’m most amped about is the Batman 80 Page Giant #1. YES, this is indie talents digging their hungry claws into the fertile ground that is Batman’s rogue gallery, a tried and true method that worked on Batman Black and White and the DC Spotlight books. But those were great books! When lightning strikes twice? Ooooh, dats nice!

Image? Oh, Image has a new one: Marineman #1. Sure, I’ll nibble. You have 1 issue to show me something new, Marineman. Ready, set, GO!

…I wish I could do the same with She-Hulks #2. Nothing new to the ouvre of radioactive super-women, She-Hulk is as standard and by the books as it gets…. So why am I going to keep buying it? Damn you Shulkie for making me love you, even when you give me table scraps!

Marvel also has Wolverine: The Best There is #1. H0-Hum, another Wolverine comic book? Sigh. The debut that’s REALLY EXCITING?

Boom! Studios Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers #1! For many this was their favorite title amongst Disney’s formidable after School line up of the late 80’s. It’s certainly the first time these characters have gotten any exposure in years. God Speed, Rescue Rangers.

Speaking of Disney.

Disney Princesses: The Comic Book

Last week I wrote about comic book titles that SHOULD exist but don’t. Well, I have another one to add to that pile: A Disney Princesses comic.

No, you and I don’t want it, but little girls do. Little girls who might get turned on to other comics, certainly little girls who might step into a comic shop for the first time in their lives if they thought there might be something in there for them besides sweaty, older men….

Wait, maybe this isn’t a good idea.

ANYWAY, you will hear countless other pundits go on about the lack of variety in contemporary comic book themes. There are also just as many sociologists waiting in the wings to tell you the sins committed to the minds of young ladies by the unfair and unrealistic values and body images put forward by the “Disney Princess” idiom.

Furthermore, there’s always those doom-sayers who would argue that Publishing is dying any day now and no new titles should be put forth, no matter what.

Well, all I’m saying is a Disney Princess comic would sell like flashlights in a blackout, and MAYBE some of those young girls would stick around and become regular readers. Win Win?

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