Best of Blackest Night part 2

By Christopher Troy

Before we dive back into the DC Direct Blackest Night figures, I just wanted to let those you who expressed interest to the Persona keychain figurines via Twitter  that we have more in stock if you want to come in to pick up a few (Again, $7 a pop is pretty good, as I’ve seen them go for $10 and up in other locations). I managed to pick up another one this past week when buying comics, and managed to score a Teddy from P4. And with that said, back to Blackest Night.

What if I wanted to buy another Superman and Batman figure?!

Fear not those of you that don’t have enough Batman or Superman figures, DC Direct has you covered with 3 different flavors of the World’s Finest.  Despite the fact that Dick Grayson was the only Batman running around at that time, Undead Bruce made the cut on the far left (And correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t even think Dick got a figure in his Bat-outfit. Weak.), and you have you choice between converted Black Lantern Superman from New Earth (or what it Earth-1. Damn DC multiverse Recons!) or Black Lantern Superman from Earth-2. Personally, I’m really not a big fan of this figures, but the sculpts are solid, particulary on Earth-2 Zombie Supes. Again, if you’re a fan of the characters, they’re worth the cash, but there are much cooler figures to buy in my opinion.

Like what?

Sinstero Corp Kryb and Black Night main villain Necron are such figures that I would consider to cooler. Kryb debuted in the Sinstero Corp War, and her gimmick was stealing the babies of Green Lanterns, which made for a unique story, and Necron is the reasons why the dead rose in the first place over in Blackest Night.  Both figures have great, creepy sculpts that capture their unique designs well.  Accessory wise, Kryb comes with SPACE-BABIES that you can put in her back-crib (GET IT?!), while Necron rocks a large scythe. Again, there are probably the 2 best figures DC Direct have released to date in the Blackest Night line, and they deserve space on your shelf.

Best figures you can’t buy yet

The Deputy Lanterns are probably the coolest concept from Blackest Night, and thankfully, DC Direct is going to capitalize on that. Over the next couple months, expect to see a Red Lantern Mera with fan-favorite murder-kitten Dex-Star, Sinestro Corp members Akrillo and Deputy Lanterns Scarecrow, Orange Lantern Lex Luthor (my personally fave. Also you all should be reading “Action Comics”, which is a follow up to Blackest Night and is awesome) and 2 different Flashes- Blue Lantern Flash (of the Barry Allen variety) and a Black Lantern Flash (based on one of the dead or resurrected Professor Zooms).

What’s this Brightest Day nonsense people are talking about?

Brightest Day is the cleverly titled follow up to Blackest Night, dealing with a dozen characters post Blackest Night, as well exploring the mythos of the (spoiler) White Lanterns. And that means toys will happen, because there’s a profit to be made from them. As you can see, the first few waves will consist of fan favorite figures like Deadman, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow and Aquaman, and prototypes from New York Comic Con confirmed that we’ll be seeing Jade, the new Aqualad and a White Lantern Flash in the future. Don’t worry, a White Lantern Batman is due too, because I think DC Direct legally has to have a Batman figure in every line of toys they release.  That being said, the Blackest Night figures have been fantastic over all, as DC Direct has raised the bar in terms of sculpt and articulation for their figures.  I can’t recommend these figures enough to fans of the story arch, so stop buy and pick up a few as soon as you can!

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