A Unicorn-y build log part 3

By Loran

The kit building has been progressing quite nicely! ReZel is pretty much complete though he needs a bit of touchup work still (I need better lighting in my bedroom). Today I also received a huge box of Gunpla that will pretty much be supplying the next few reviews-a GM Kai, the Ball Twin Pack, Deltaplus, and Unicorn mode Unicorn Gundam (Fodder for the next few weeks of articles! Woooo!). I have to say, though, I’ve been pretty impressed with the Unicorn lineup so far. The only issue I have is how long it’s going to take us to get everything, what with the episodes coming out every six months…

The ReZel is a damn nice piece of work. Its joints are nice, and while they don’t have the flair of some of the more simple kits, it works. It has a nice, tall presence with a badass Mega Beam Launcher to set him over the edge, which comes on a series of hinges that work rather well.

The kit comes with your standard dual beam sabers, but there’s one small problem-I can’t, for the life of me, find out where they go! There seems to be no space on this suit that can hold them. Apparently the Master Grade kit stores them in the wrists, but I’m not sure if that was created just for that kit or if it was always designed that way. Either way, it’s a bit annoying. However, you do get plenty of blades for this kit-one molded in green and two molded in pink. I much prefer the green-gotta love Luke’s lightsaber!

But of course, the transformation is where it’s at for this kit. As you can see, a lot of parts need to be taken out to transform it, and while that may SEEM lazy it’s actually preferable-making the entire kit transform creates far too many hinges which causes the kit to get floppy way too easy. Still, I really like the jet mode for this. It’s as if the Methuss took steroids and suddenly became cool, with its actual wings and giant cannon mounted on the top. I’d plug in an action base to put it in a flying position but the back part isn’t secured because I worry about scratching the paint. It also has two handles that can allow other kits like the Unicorn or Jegan to ride it, but since Unicorn isn’t finished yet, I’ll be saving it for that review.

The ReZel Commander is a great kit and I’d recommend it in either incarnation, whether you love transforming suits or not. It’s like the Re-GZ, GM Custom, and Methuss got locked up in a battleship and had a sexy baby. Bask in it.

As for Unicorn, most of the upper body is done so far. Without any legs, the arms look really silly, like the suit has really puffy sleeves. Being primarily white, painting this has been pretty easy, though it’s kind of hard for me to tell what has been painted and what hasn’t. The bigger issue, however, has been with the “skeleton” bits. Because I chose to paint them, I needed a few coats of paint and primer. The problem lies with the construction-whenever I push a piece on, a huge chunk of paint comes off. Thankfully, most of it gets covered up by the parts themselves, but it’s still rather annoying.

Once this version of Unicorn is done, I’m cracking open his more… “peaceful”, I should say Unicorn mode, and giving this guy a nice bazooka. I’m really looking forward to the coming weeks in regards to building kits… something has to keep me sane during finals week! If you wanna keep sane this holiday season, I’d suggest getting some great Unicorn kits from us for that purpose!

Also, no, that giant hook thing on the ReZel really doesn’t serve any purpose…

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