Wishful Thinking and The Comics That Exist

By Unkiedev

Batman:Odyssey #5 is as classic as classic gets, with fan favorite Neal Adams returning to the iconic character that made him en ever popular artist. Amazing Spider-Man #649 has got some great talents behind it, too. Deadpool is going to fight Howard the Duck’s “break-out Super-Villain,” the amazing Doctor Bong, in Deadpool #29.

It’s easy to find cool reasons to buy neat comics. It’s terrible when there’s comics you can’t buy…because they don’t exist!

For example, Ape Entertainment has out Pocket God #3, the third thrilling issue of a comic book based on an iphone game. They also have out Megamind #1, based on the CGI movie that most likely took a brutal beating from Harry Potter this weekend.

But where is my Harry Potter comic book?

Presenting a quick and dirty look at a few comic books that SHOULD exist, with a few ideas as to why they don’t.

Harry Potter: The Comic Book

Either an ongoing book set years before Hogwart’s most famous boy-who-lived attends or as a side story with new, minor characters existing and adventuring concurrent to the events of the book series, a Harry Potter comic book would be an incredible feather-in-the-cap to whichever comic book company could negotiate it.

It would never happen…not in our lifetimes, anyway.

J.K. Rowling, the richest lady in Britain and Harry Potter’s creator is enough of a control freak that there is no HP material that isn’t from her pen. I don’t think she would authorize any author to roam in her sandbox, as there’s too much, creatively, at stake.

Marvel is the only company interested in book comics these days, what with their King line of The Stand and The Gunslinger comics, but the Harry Potter movies are made by Warner Brothers, part owner of DC Comics. Legal red tape and company politics also take a big chunk out of the probability of a Harry comic.

Venture Brothers Comic

Dethklok from the TV show Metalocalyps has a sporadic ongoing with Dark Horse, and Cartoon Network regularly publishes books through DC. Any chance we’ll see TV’s favorite boy adventurers and their failure father, Dr “Rusty” Venture in an authorized Venture Brothers comic book?

No, we probably won’t.

Jackson Publick, A.K.A. Chris McCulloch is a comic book writer/artist himself. T’is true! Jackson started as a self publisher before moving on to the Tick, and later co-publishing the anthology Monkey Suit.

The point is he’s another cat with an eye for quality control, and I don’t think he’d do a book without insisting on doing the heavy lifting himself…with the grueling schedule Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick put themselves through, finding the time for a Venture’s Comic seems unlikely.

OUT OF TIME? Grrr. See you next week for MORE unlikely Comic Books. Gobble-Gobble!

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