New Comics Worth the Money

Somebody killed all the good, fun, bright and new ideas in comic books. Is there anyone to save us?

Holy Crap! A New Hellboy book?!

Richard Corben, 70’s Heavy Metal Magazine favorite and erstwhile Hellboy artist is back in the artistic saddle with big daddy Mike Mignola whipping him onward via the written word on a brand new Hellboy double feature appropriately called Hellboy Double Feature of Evil! A truly sensational comic book ready to explode your mind! As of right now we are all at the bottom of a hill of ignorance, and this ten-ton comic book is about to avalanche down on our heads with deadly enlightenment of its weighty worth.

THIS to me is what makes comic books great! Amazing talents taking the time to get it right, crafting stories of worth and skill. It is fine by me that there will be four good Hellboy books this year, as they were all f’ing good!

What else is there this week?

Grant Morrison and David Finch on Batman: the Return #1? Sure, I’ll nibble. These titanic “Event” stories always fizzle, as I know the end before it begins. I bet Batman will “be back” by the story’s ending. Who’s with me?

I’m actually more interested in Batman, Inc. #1 as it promises to be crazy, off the wall Grant Morrison craziness. Bruce Wayne franchising the Bat into other countries is ripe territory for the unexpected. NOW YOUR’E TALKING!

Avengers #7? Image’s Rob Zombie’s Whatever Happened to Baron Von Schock #4? Here’s something original for ya’, Chaos War: Dead Avengers #1. Dead Avengers from the past are back to fight evil, but are they friend or foe? It worked for Blackest Night, it can work for Marvel, too, right?

Deadpool Max #2 has David “Stray Bullets” Lapham on writing chores and Kyle “Everything he does is awesome” Baker on pencils. I don’t like giving Deadpool my money, but he is keeping some good company these days.

Speaking of original ideas, did you know that Wolverine is a Vampire now? Sigh….yes. You can read all about it in X-Men #5. I’d make a lame crack about “What long term effects will this have on our favorite feral x-man,” but we’re all too savvy for that anymore. I especially like how there’s three other Wolverine books on the stand this month where he isn’t a Vampire.

AGAIN, THIS is worth my money: Peter “X-Statics” Milligan with Simon “He is NOT overrated” Bisley on Hellblazer #273. Good job, Vertigo! Keep that up and you have a new reader for life!

It isn’t hard, mainstream American comic books market. Get talented people and give them fun, new ideas to write and draw. In fact, as an industry the least you involve yourself in the whims of talented people the more productive their minds might be.

And to you talented writers and artists collecting pay checks turning out repetitive tales of the bland and over-done I would say “Shame on you,” but I know how bad the economy is. I only hope you fellows and fellowrettes turn the industry upside down from within!

I said goodday, Sirs.

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  1. Unkiedev

    Thanks, Manzanares, for reading!

    All reviews have prejudices, mine just happen to be against any comic I think is boring or lacking in what I like to call “Zip-Pow-Bang!”