New Manga: When Zombies Lead To Planetary Genitals

By Mat K.

This is a good one, so I hope the title got your attention. What in the Universe am I talking about? Well let’s start with this is a pretty small week, which a tad disappointing, but at least some very interesting titles show up. I know some people don’t like spoilers, but this week’s Biomega Volume 4 by Tsutomu Nihei is pretty crazy. So if you’re up to date you know about all the mutant zombies that work for the government (kind of) are trying to reform all of mankind into their image. Then you introduce this special fluid that deconstructs anything it comes into contact with and restructures it on a cellular level. But the missing key is what exactly is the fluid programmed to transform the raw materials into. Without revealing too much about what’s really happening I’ll tell you about the heroes on motorcycles driving up the bridge to the stationary satellite while being chased by a giant glob-monster that sprung directly from a mutant zombie flesh-mass. There’s a seed, and something punches a hole through the planet, and then the Earth sprouts what can only be called (for multiple reasons) a planetary penis. That is the medical term, by the way. And it’s 4.8 Billion kilometers long. And then even crazier stuff happens. Dig it.

In the news of new releases, the series by Yoshinori Natsume called KuroZakuro. This one is a dark action for the shonen fans out there. Mikito Sakurai is tired of being a punching bag for all the delinquents on campus, but what can he do? By nature he’s a gentle and easygoing high school student. That all changes the night he swallows a mysterious orb and meets Zakuro, a strange kid who promises to grant his most heartfelt desire. “When you wake up,” says the pint-sized apparition, “you’ll be stronger and better than a human.” And that’s exactly what happens; Mikito wakes up with super strength. But there’s a catch. He may look the same on the outside, but deep inside lurks a monster that craves ultra-violence and the taste of human flesh. Om nom nom.

A couple other things of note come out this week, not the least of which is the final volume of the Dragon Ball Z VizBig editions. The 9th of the over-sized volumes wraps up the series entailing where the universe’s ultimate champions are desperately scheming and training to find a way to stop this abominable bouncy ball. Gohan is undergoing a bizarre training regimen with former Lord of the Lords… but the old guy keeps nodding off! Meanwhile, Trunks and Goten are perfecting their fusion dance in the Room of Spirit and Time to become Super Gotenks, a level 3 Super Saiyan power combo with extra-special hair. But how can they make a dent in a monster that keeps bouncing back? If only there were a way they could bring Goku and Vegeta and their other friends back to Earth.

Anyway, there’s a good head start for all of you this week. Otherwise, use this time to catch up on all those other series you let lag in your queue. Til next time!

Ja Ne!

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