New Manga: Great Work Continues

By Mat K.

What work? Well, Katsura Hoshino’s D Gray Man Volume 19 comes in this week, and I still love this series. Every volume ends on a cliffhanger, and reveals something new and interesting. And frankly, the keeps getting better and better. Allen Walker and Yu Kanda (and Lenalee Lee for the gentlemen in the series) have become celebrity heart throbs amongst the Black Order. Not that this is part of the story or any big deal is made of it, but now and then you catch glimpses of how the other characters perceive them and work themselves to the standards of their “celebrities”. The are also definitely moe moments. They’re the hotties of the Black Order. In this volume we really start to get some pieces of why Allen and Kanda are special. Allen’s pieces are forming an interesting picture, while Kanda’s are still putting together the frame. Not to mention a fairly handsome gentleman in a big silly top hat appears. No spoilers. Read and enjoy.

Also continuing this week is Bakuman (finally), by the creators of Death Note Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. In Volume 2 of Bakuman Moritaka and Akito venture to publishing house Shueisha in hopes of capturing an editor’s interest. As much potential as these two rookies have, will their story impress the pros and actually get printed? I know everyone has been in love with the first volume, so here’s hoping the love affair continues with the second book.

Other books you love that are coming out this week? How about XXX Holic, Ultimate Muscle, Otomen, Lucky Star and Hikaru No Go just to name a few. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of other stuff too. I just figured I would entice you with the biggies first. Though I will bottom out the article this week with a look at a new series premiering.

Coming out for the first time this week is a series called Genkaku Picasso by Usamaru Furuya. In this series, Hikari Hamura, nicknamed Picasso because of his natural artistic abilities, survived a horrible accident, but his friend Chiaki wasn’t so lucky. Suddenly, Chiaki appears in front of him and tells him in order to keep living he must help the people around him. Can Hikari save people with his sketchbook and a 2B pencil? Honestly, sounds pretty fun, I can’t wait to see how the individual cases are going to turn out. It reminds me kind of like the one-shot manga called Line where the girl gets mysterious phone calls about people who are about to be killed and she has to do everything in her power to save them.

Anyway, that is the news that’s fit to print in the manga world this week. I hope everyone had a great Halloween, and welcome to November. Oh and by the way, only because a lot of daylight savings rumors were running around, we actually set the clocks back an hour NEXT week on November 8th. Enjoy.

Ja Ne!

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