The FPNYC Gundam/Import Toy Blog Guide to NYCC/NYAF 2010

By Christopher Troy

Greeting Forbidden Planet faithful! At this time, we’re only a few hour away from the premiere Comic Book/ Anime event on the east coast: the 2010 New York Comic Con/ Anime Festival! Needless to say, I’m a big fan of this convention, and here’s a fun fact: Thanks to NYAF 2009, Loran and I got our start with FPNYC due to a panel based on Gunpla (with help from panelists turned past blog contributors Keith and madgophermm5)¬† that got FPNYC’s attention when they were looking to revamp their Gunpla section. In addition, I’ve been running events/panels for NYAF since the 1st year, continuing to this day, so needless to say I have a history with the con and it’s organizers.

NYAF is also a con with a history of promoting Gundam and the Gundam brand. the 2nd NYAF previewed the US release of the OO dub (and hosted several voice actors attached to the series) and last’s years guest of honor was of course the father of Gundam, Yoshiyuki Tomino. While the Gundam related events aren’t as huge as last years, Bandai still brought the love to New York. So let’s delve into my little guide for the Otaku attending NYCC/NYAF

Exhibitors you should care about:

Square Enix: I’ve reviewed several Play Arts for the FPNYC blog in the past, as I’m a pretty big fan of the line. NYCC is one of the few cons in the US Square graces it’s presence with, bringing along it’s awesome online store booth, chock full of all sorts of neat crap. Word on the street (aka twitter) is that Square is releasing a line of Play Arts Kai figures this weekend to the con first (meaning FPNYC will have them on shelve in about a week), so check out what they got, and be ready to come back here for me to judge them accordingly!

Bandai of America/Aniplex: Bandai’s @ NYCC/AF this weekend promoting K-on!, the Haruhi movie, and Durararara! However, they usually have some mecha stuff worth checking out. And if not, just come by Forbidden Planet if you’re in the city. We definitely have you covered when it comes to Gunpla.

FPNYC- All of you who use twitter can follow us @FPNYC ! FPNYC staff will be roaming the halls, shooting video and giving away freebies, so make sure you track em down. I’ll be there as well obviously, tweeting under @AnarCHris, and most likely fanboying about something.

Events you should hit up:

Friday: Gundam Model Building panel from 4:30-5:30 While Loran, myself and I aren’t involved in this panel this year, it’s good to see the Gunpla community up to something at NYCC/NYAF. So swing by, pick up some new tricks and tactics, and learn about the Bandai Kit World Cup that will be going down at the con this year (which, unless I’m mistaken, Loran and madgophermm5 placed in during the Otakon edition)

Saturday: The Gundam UC Panel from 4:30-6:30 This is one of the 2 big screening events @ NYCC/AF this year. Epsiode 1 (available on Blu-ray) will be screened, as well as a episode 2 preview, plus¬† a Q+A sessions (autographs will be throughout the weekend @ the Bandai booth) w/ some of the voices, directors and producers of the show. And if you want your fix of Gundam Unicorn kits, come by Forbidden Planet, where we’ve had them in stock regularly since their release in Japan!


The Gundam OO move premiere. I’ve pimped this out enough this over the last few weeks. First time screening in the US, hell outside of Japan. Kind of huge. And because, we’re THAT good, we also have all the released OO movie kits in stock right now at the FPNYC location (seriously folks, who loves ya?)

Well that’s enough for this week. Hope to see you at the convention this weekend!

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