How To Get The Most Out of New York Comic Con

Tickets are not yet sold out for the New York Comic Con, but as sure as there’s a lame cross-title summer even in the works for both DC and Marvel this year, those tickets are GOING to sell out.

Your mission is to buy them before you do.


Maybe you haven’t gone to a New York Comic Con yet. Maybe you tried to go any of the previous years and were closed out. What if I told you that this is the most important year for you to possibly attend?

Flat fact number 1 is this thing will completely sell out before you know it. The CON is not hurting for attendees. What this con needs, more then ever, to make it the best experience we can have on the East coast, our own little San Diego Comic Con right here in the Big Apple is attendee’s who CARE.

The money is already in the hands of the promoters and the decision makers. There will be a con next year just based on the speculation from this one. We need to stand up and make sure that these New York Con’s are actually providing the experience we want out of our Comic Con and not just what can turn a profit for the business men.

If you like the costumes you need to get group tickets for an entire costume brigade. You knuckleheads should shop Mood silly, buying up all the lycra, lace and pleather you can for your immaculately tailored and high-concept “Boba Fett dressed up as Grimace from McDonald’s” costume. If its gaming that’s your thing you need to organize your own table top events and find folks willing to sit and game. Reach out through twitter, message boards or just post good old fashioned flyers.

This con is a certainty, as are a few more down the road. If you cannot be bothered to take an interest in shaping these events as opposed to passively enjoying them they will eventually fail, because the key ingredient to their survival is that they continue to fit our needs and wants.


We take fandom and geek culture for granted, but there was a time when there wouldn’t be three folks in a five mile radius who could’ve told you Iron Man’s origin, let alone his actual name. Yep, we’ve got it good as nerds these days, but it could all dry away and be so much spice on the breeze of Arrakis.

Fandom was built by us enthusiasts coming out of the basement, so to speak, and uniting to celebrate our common interests. A big spectacle like the New York Comic Con is going to bring out the curious, while maybe not the passionate.

I urge you to get your ticket for the Con and plan something to give to your fellow attendees. Think about it: If THEY did the same then every other person attending would be thinking about making sure YOU had a good time.

Frankly, to crib someone else’s line: Ask not what your Comic Con can do for you but what you can do for your comic con.

It’s either that or we all start buying plane tickets for San Diego again.

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