Review Build blog part 2: The Eva 0-1

by Christopher Troy

And we’re back at our look at the Eva 0-1 from Evangelion 2.0! I managed to finish this kit amongst the confusion of a bachelor party, birthday, an upcoming wedding and a trip to Atlanta, because I am a multi-tasking hero.

So to the left you have the Waist unit of the 0-1. The articulation here is way different from the traditional Gunpla, as most Gundams has a waist that turn left to right. Not so much with the 0-1, as the plates shift giving it some articulation, but you really cant move the it. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just something different from what I’m used to dealing with. The layers of multi-colored armor is nice as well, and the “spinal cord” pieces fit onto the lower back quiet well, unlike some of the upper back/shoulder.

Yes, this would be the leg for the Eva. Unlike the arms, there’s no cool plastic pieces that hide the knees, but the kit does a find job of doing itself. The legs on the kit are crazy long with makes sense, given the design of the mecha, and I’m happy to say that their pretty strong as well, despite on how thin they are. The feet are fairly impressive as well. Give how more Humanoid the EVA is, you have to construct a separate foot and heel, which are slightly articulate. Nothing special, but hey, it’s only feet right?

So now that the Eva is constructed, let’s focus on the weapons for a bit.

On the extreme right, you have the Eva’s Pallet Gun, which compared to all the weapons I’ve built in the past, it’s a medium sized weapon. Not too big, not to small, and can be wielded with a single hand without much worry. (There’s a set of hands made for wielding weapons like the gun, so you’re set with that). On the left there 2 pictures of the Progressive Knife, which works like a switchblade. Very cool, and there’s a specific reason why it’s design like that.

If you look at the left “fin” of the 0-1, you can see how it pops out and folds over. You can actually store a 2nd, pre-folded Prog knife in there, which is great as the only true action gimmick of this kit. It’s unfortunate you cant do that with the one that folds out, but you gotta take your victories where you can get em.

Another accessory worth mentioning is the emblicial cord that the Eva comes with. While it really doesn’t have any action features, it’s a cool addition to the kit, and I’m glad it was included in the kit, as it plays a crucial role in the series, serving as the lifeline to the Evas.

Words cannot express how happy I am a AT field is included with this kit. Oh sure it’s flimsy plastic with sparkly bits, it’s the novelty of it all that amuses it. Seriously, sometime the smallest of details in a kit can make a difference, and the 0-1 is definitely a winner in that regard.

Also to properly show the scale of the 0-1, I took a picture of it with a 1/100 scale Gunpla you guys may remember from the past. It’s actually taller than said Gunpla, which again, is awesome.

So is the EVA 0-1 worth the $50 bucks? Absolutely. Bandai went above and beyond with this kit, and it shows. Great build, solid articulation and a great selection of accessories make it a must own for any EVA fan. I have some issues with some of the smaller pieces staying attached to the kit, but other than that, it’s great.  The NYC store has both the 0-1 and 0-2 in stock, but if you don’t hurry up, who knows for how long.

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