TRON Update 8.29.10

…In which we catch up with one of our favorite subjects.

  • Actor Peter Jurasik, who played a compound interest program named Crom in the original film, showed up in an article in the Star News (North Carolina) over the weekend chatting about his experience while shooting the original classic film.

Peter_Jurasik_Crom“Steve Lisberger who created it, first of all, he hired all of us for almost the entire run of the thing. So people became almost like a little family,” Jurasik said. “He put all those TRON video games right on the set, they served us breakfast, lunch and dinner right on the set. … I remember Jeff Bridges bringing his guitar and plugging in. It was a really nice set to be on because we were like … science fiction outlaws.”

Jurasik is a veteran bit player and SF television icon who co-starred with Tron himself,  Bruce Boxleitner, in the superlative Babylon 5.

  • A new Hungarian poster reveals Jem, a character played by Beau Garrett (below).
  • Tron_JemSimilarly, there’s also a new poster depicting Jeff Bridges as Flynn, though I’m not so keen on this one for some reason.  Maybe I’m just waiting for a de-aged Bridges as CLU in some badass pose or something.  This one strikes me as something out of The Big Tronbowski, and I keep mentally replacing the Identity Disc with a bowling ball… comma dude.



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