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SEEDLESS OGN, Corey Lewis (W/A), Image

I love cartoonist Corey Lewis, a.k.a. “the Reyy” even though he comes off as an arrogant, preening twerp. Check out his insufferably smug blog and see what I mean. So much talent in such a scruffy mirror junkie.

Corey is a comic book pretty boy with a high energy, fast graphitti style he used like a razor on fan art for Transformers, Thundercats and you name it. Back in the Deviant Art days he’d post a new sketch in marker a day. You could buy them cheap or commission em’ at rock bottom prices. He was cute and prolific. He was a media darlin’.

A smart lad, he turned that attention into output. He’s done some great work in the past: Street Fighter back-ups called Chop-Socky in the classic Udon Street fighter II comic, a fairly entertaining graphic novel about volley ball called Ping! and the crown jewel in his productivity: Sharkknife, the Scott Pilgrim-esque “We all live in a video-game” comic book about a sushi chef with a fantastic alter ego that came out WELL before Scott Pilgrim hit the scene.

Seedless is Corey’s new original graphic novel from Image. It gets my buy this week. As much as I hate his persona it is good for comics. As much as I love his work he’s still playing in the indie minor leagues. Corey has Scott Pilgrim greatness inside of him, it’s just going to take some time for that breakout hit.

Maybe Seedless will be the next big thing…or maybe it will just be more great comics from a great talent…who comes off as spending more time perfectly accessorizing his outfits and styling his hair for maximum lift than he does working on comics, the frickin’ peacock.


This week is HOT for new comics! Did I say comics? I meant NOVELS. Yep, I’ma’ gonna’ buy that new MogWorld novel from Dark Horse and zeropunctuation video-game reviewer Yahtzee Crowshaw. That guy is a barrel of monkeys…drunk monkeys! He’s written a novel about a necromancer who’s summoned up a reluctant superhero zombie that would rather get back to being dead than do his master’s bidding. Let the suicide comedy begin!

Dark Horse also has a Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Riley One-Shot by famed BG and Buffy writer Jane Espenson. Gimme-Gimmee! What else?

Brightest Day #8 and Supergirl #55 go into my shopping cart. Guilty pleasures, to be sure, but I’m a character addict. If there’s going to be more Deadman in Brightest day “I’m in.” If there’s going to be the debut of Bizarro Supergirl in Supergirl #55 you better believe “I’m in!”

Over in the pages of G.I. Joe II #7 they’re revealing the origins of The Croc Master. YES! I love how COBRA does, employ a guy on the payroll to train killer crocodiles and let him wear a bondage mask and green, sleeveless croc vest everywhere he goes!

IDW is continuing its swell nostalgia comic MGM Drive-In-Theater with help from Forbidden Planet’s Cartoonist King Steve Mannion. They’ve got issue #2 on the shelves this week. Won’t you be a sport and check it out? It’s pretty dang good!

All this and Amazing Spider-Man #640, too. #640 begins the end of this One More Day malarkey for good. It is a good week for comics, yep yep indeedy.

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