New Manga Releases: The Week Which What Had Stuff!

By Mat K.

There may not be a whole of actual stuff coming in this week, but there are some pretty exciting titles. I think this time I’m going to start with a new title instead of your awaited favorites first. This week sees the release of Natsume Ono’s first series, (her previous books “Not Simple” and “Ristorante Paradiso” were one-shots), Gente. Ms. Ono is obviously a fan of languages and, it would seem, food. In this spin-off of Ristorante Paradiso you’re welcomed into Casetta dell’Orso, a quaint little restaurant in the heart of Rome. The food’s delicious, but the handsome staff of bespectacled gentlemen is the real draw. Follow these dashing men home and witness their romances, heartaches, hopes and dreams.

And I feel I have to report on the release of the first official Gossip Girl Manga: For Your Eyes Only. Written by Cecily Von Ziegesar, and Illustrated by HyeKyung Baek. The original Gossip Girl cast returns in a re-imagination of their high school days when Blair and Vanessa become unlikely roommates! Blair and Serena were BFF’s until Blair discovered that her boyfriend Nate cheated on her with Serena! As if that wasn’t enough, Serena then disappeared without a word. Now she’s back and trying to make amends with Blair. Too bad Serena’s former BFF has no intention of forgiving her. After seeing Serena with her new boyfriend, Dan, Blair intends to respond in kind! Will a photo of Dan kissing Blair put an end to Serena’s budding relationship? There. That’s enough of that.

Another series continuing this week is James Patterson’s Maximum Ride as Volume 3 finally arrives this week after quite a while. The Flock members are taken under the wing of an FBI agent and try to live ‘normal’ lives by going to school, making friends… and continuing their relentless search for their parents. But the Erasers return, forcing the Flock to abandon their search and make their escape once again. It’s also becoming more obvious to Max that her destiny is to save the world; a destiny which proves especially challenging to meet when she must first face her ultimate match: a newer and better version of herself, Maximum Ride II. The 3rd and 4th volumes of the manga are going to be covering the second novel of the series, in case you were curious.

Now for the other stuff you’ve been waiting for: 20th Century Boys Volume 10 comes out this week, along with Vagabond Volume 32, the much delayed second volume of Dorohedoro, Gurren Lagann Volume 5, Black God Volume 10, and Ooku Volume 4 for you period-drama, shonen ai loving fans. You know usually I don’t run lists that bad, but like I said in the title-line, this week has stuff! There’s actually a couple more things I neglected to mention, but I just got out what I was compelled to. Anyway, that pretty much wraps us up for this week, so until next time, it’s always nice to see people upstairs!

Ja Ne!

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