Review: AMS-110 Geara Doga

By Christopher Troy

After what seems like forever here at the FPNYC blog, we actually have a new Gunpla to discuss! We’ll be looking at the 1/144th scale AMS-110 Gear Doga Neo Zeon Mass Productive Mobile Suit, which aside from a long-ass name, is actually a pretty nifty kit. I’ll also be trying a new review format, so let me here what you think of it in the comment section.

Series Origin: Char’s Counter Attack. The 1998 finale to the Amuro/Char saga, the film is based on a novel written by Tomino. It eventually made it’s way to the States in 2003 and was shown on the [adult swim] programming block. The plot has Char returning after self-imposed exile, due to the events from the original series and Zeta Gundam, now leading the force of Neo-Zeon. He now fights to bring forth an apocalypse on the  planet Earth, by dropping an entire colony on it. Char’s a bit of an over-achiever like that.

Legacy: According to Counter Attack’s canon- The Geara Doga is the grunt unit of the newly revitalized Neo Zeon army. It doesn’t appear in any other Gundam animated franchise as far as I know of.

Appearance and Equipment: At first glance, the Geara Doga bears resemblance to another mass produced Zeon unit- the Zaku. They both have a single glowing eye, have heavy shoulder pads with spikes and a single shield, and share similar body types. Plus, much like the Zaku, they can be outfitted with a variety of weapons and equipment, depending on the situation and the terrain.

As far as weapons go, the Geara Doga comes equipped with a beam machine gun, a beam sword ax, sturm faust and a grenade launcher.

Fun facts about the weapons time!

-The Beam Machinegun doesnt do much, aside be a gun. YAY GUN! Neither do the grenade launcher, but they snap into the back of the Sturm Faust. Snapping action kids! It’s awesome!

-The Beam Sword Axe comes with 2 different beam “energy” blades, a traditional looking one and shorter one that kind of looks like something that Deathscythe would wield. In addition there’s 2 different Ax handles, a large one which was can wielded and swap out blades, and a shorter one (notice a pattern yet?) that has no pegs for blades, but it small and can slip into the back of the Geara Doga.

-The Sturm Faust can also bend. Is that awesome? You tell me! Bending excitement varies from person to person these days.

And in terms of “equipped for various terrains and environments” The Geara Doga comes with a huge honkin’ backpack, and a alternate head.

Construction: The Geara Doga was a delight to assemble (frame/weapon wise at least) and fairly easy too. The joints are big, but easy to move so that the kit can be put into  a variety poses, which is nice when it comes to a “heavier” Gunpla.  Also with the large fat legs, it stands easily, and both the neck and ankles are pretty flexible, which is cool. My biggest complain though is that there’s several thrusters that slide into the back and under the shoulder pads of the Geara Doga that are kind of a pain to get in there, and are prone to slipping out from time to time.

Overall Opinion: I’m a tad bias towards the Char’s Counterattack line, but it’s hard not to be with kits likes the Geara Doga. They’re slightly more expensive than the average 1/144th kit (by 5-10 bucks), but they’re  also larger, and usually better armed. The Geara Doga is an awesome army builder kit (if you can afford to drop the money to build an army of them), and I can’t suggest picking one of if you’re a Zeon/Char’s Counterattack fan.

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