Hello/Goodbye: New Release Manga Comes and Goes

By Mat K.

So, the title for this weeks article is fairly self-explanatory. This week we say farewell to a title as it’s final issue is here, and then we welcome a new title by a couple of your favorite creators. Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation ends in a blast this week with Volume 18. If you all remember from the last volume everything hit the fan and every able body went to the Magic Law School in Europe that had been overrun by ghosts, and one of those ghosts was sucking the energy out of all the major Magic Law users, oh, and Muhyo could not keep his eyes open and kept falling into a deep sleep.In this final issue Muhyo has finally woken from his long slumber, but will his prodigious display of power be enough to stop Vector? Moreover, will Muhyo and Roji be able to keep it together when it seems like everything and everyone is threatening to drag the duo apart?

Now for the new kid on the block. With Tsugumi Ohba writing and Takeshi Obata drawing, (that’s right, the same guys who teamed up to bring you Death Note), bring us Bakuman, which is in a completely different gear than their first series. Average student Moritaka Mashiro enjoys drawing for fun. When his classmate and aspiring writer Akito Takagi discovers his talent, he begs Moritaka to team up with him as a manga-creating duo. But what exactly does it take to make it in the manga-publishing world? I know, it sounds almost autobiographical, but you know that old saying: write what you know. This is definitely the kind of series all you aspiring manga artists out there can get in to. Forget those “How To Draw Manga” books, this is the good stuff.

This is definitely a week of surprises. Granted, most of this weeks books are brought to us by the grace of Viz, there are a few releases coming to us from TokyoPop, and one of the most unexpected of which is the double-volume of Yubisaki Milk Tea (volumes 8 and 9 put together). If anyone remembers, Yubisaki Milk Tea was about a boy who after being caught up in a false wedding photo shoot for a photography studio (for their display purposes), as the bride, started to enjoy cross dressing in his sister’s clothes because he felt empowered being able to be someone completely different. That is, until he started to realize not only was he getting to mature to continue passing for a chick, but 2 girls (his closest friend, and some other girl from his class), are in love with him, and he has no idea how to handle it all.

As a final mention, there are a bunch of other sweet books coming in like Rosario + Vampire Season 2 Volume 2, Otomen Volume 7, Pokemon Adventures Volume 8, D Gray Man Volume 18, and sooo many more. I’m actually a little thrilled, though I’m curious if this is technically the “Major Release Wave” for the beginning of August, despite the fact that August is still some days away, or if next week is going to be equally impressive. Anyway, until next time!

Ja Ne!

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  1. jurassic narc

    I gotta say that Bakuman was a very good. i did not know that so much went into making a manga and the troubles that people face. i thought the mentions of other manga within the story was kinda cool.