Comics to read after San Diego Comic Con

The Week AFTER San Diego Comic Con is notoriously absent of whiz-bang-pow. The publishers limp out a few regular titles and hold their collective heads as the faint cobwebs of hangovers and sun-stroke fade into the routine of a regular work week.

DC is doing well for itself, and Action Comics #891 sounds particularly hot; Mr. Alexander Luthor goes all out in a mad quest for ultimate power brought to you by writer Paul “Captain Britain and the MI-13” Cornell. I like how things change. The story of an angry bald guy who wants power to hurt others is so much more compelling and believable to modern audiences than his opposite number, the alien with unlimited power on a quest for world peace.

Also: Batman The Return of Bruce Wayne #4 (of 6) has Cowboy Batman! Yippie Ki-Ki yay! Furthermore if you need another great book to sit atop the toilet cistern and help you while away the minutes then have I got the book for you: Showcase Presents: Sgt. Rock Vol. 3 is 496 pages of Joe Kubert drawing WWII awesomeness. I know war is hell, but Kubert makes it look so cool!


Uncanny X-Men #526 might get me tuning in. I love Namor the Sub-Mariner. Any guy who can be a pissed off bad-ass and still wear either a pair of green sequin speedos or a black cat suit is a formidable force of entertainment. I especially love when Namor drops by on the X-Folks, as it’s been established that they all have to begrudgingly respect him as one of their own and awkwardly ignore his past naughty trists with current Head Mistress of Xavier’s School for Gifted Mutie-Freaks, Emma Frost! Anytime Emma hangs out with her underwater Ex-X-Man is a good time!

I will also be enjoying The Muppet Show #8 by Roger Langridge, and I won’t even get upset that it features Gonzo as a Vampire…. A story I pitched BOOM! Studios with art samples at the Baltimore Comic Con in 2009.

TO BE CLEAR: Ideas are like birthday cakes. Everybody gets one, and sometimes two people get them on the same day. These creative coincidences are not to be mistaken for stealing. Ideas are butterflies that can penetrate the skull and then fly into another’s head just as capriciously.

Unfabulous Five: Greasers of the Black Lagoon was a book that completely slipped my notice. #2 is supposed to ship this week. Why should you care? Unfabulous Five is the new book from many of the minds of the INCREDIBLE Lucha Libre comic!

Lucha Libre was everything right about comics: Fantastic art, fun and fast stories combined with a devil may care attitude! I’ll walk a long mile to get my hands on the pure creativity on every page of these Lucha books.


The temperature outside is 1,000 degrees but the week after Comic Con the books are always a little tepid. Stick with these Unkiedev recommendations and get a raging sun-burn of fun.

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