New Comics vs San Diego Comic Con

By Unkiedev

I’ve been reading over past columns to make sure I don’t repeat myself. Still, there is a line I used last year that pretty much sums up my feelings this week. I’m not sure how improper it is to quote yourself, but here goes: “Seriously, San Diego Comic Con is like NOTHING you have ever experienced … and once again I shall not be going.”

I called up my publisher to ask WHY they hadn’t come up with the money to send me all expenses paid to San Diego and you know what they said? “This is a dry cleaners, kid. Stop calling us!”

The nerve of some people!


Last year at this exact time the AMAZING comic book Dethklok vs The Goon was published by Dark Horse. Seeing Eric Powell’s massive brawler pummel TV’s funniest death metal band kept me from sobbing overly that I was attending San Diego.

This year Dark Horse is publishing The Buzzard #2. I’ll take it, but I’d much rather be in San Diego attending the Dark Horse Horror Panel with Eric, Mike “Hellboy” Mignola and Steve “30 Days of Night” Niles, or even attending Friday’s The Goon Movie panel about the upcoming computer animated film from Eric and Blur Studios.

Or even the Danny Elfman panel on Thursday celebrating 25 years of collaboration with Burton. Or figure out which panel at 11:30 on Thursday to attend, Tron or Stan Freberg.


I have to stop writing about this because I’m actually upset now. I WILL attend Comic Con next year, even if my parole officer has to hunt me down via a bounty hunter. Lucky for me the bounty hunter will probably turn out to be my ex-husband and we can out shoot, out quip and out wit each other as we fall in love all over again.

KEEE-RIST?! Jill Thompson is doing a watercolor demo Friday at 12 in San Diego Convention Center room 30CDE?! SOME ONE JUST FREAKING SHOOT ME IN THE HEAD.


Since I can’t talk about the Comic Con without flipping out and murdering people (maybe myself) I’ll just talk about what comics are coming out this week.

Oh, big whoop-dee-doo. Power Girl #14. Doesn’t the amount of free pornography on the internet negate the allure of a super-heroine who’s biggest super powers are her chests? I bet the guy who wrote this’s mom won’t even buy a copy of this turd. Who wrote this waste of trees? Judd Winick? And Judd Winick is going to be a special guest of DC at the con on both Thursday and Saturday nights?


WAIT, what’s this? IDW has a comic book out this week called MGM Drive-In Theater #1 with art in it by Fearless Dawn creator Steve Mannion?!

F’U San Diego Comic Con, I have a reason to live again! Hooray for comic books!

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