There’s Always Something To See: New Manga Releases

By Mat K.

One might expect a little more excitement from a week in the middle of the summer, but all is not lost, there are still quite a few interesting things, some old friends as well as brand new faces. Okay, enough with the personifying of manga, here’s the beef: Inu Yasha Volume 50 shows up this week, and aside from being proud that they finally picked up the pace of it’s production, we must celebrate that it finally made it to this milestone. And by celebrate, I mean buy. It seems to me lately that a lot of people still like Inu Yasha, even miss it, but by and large have lost interest in the progression of the story. Well, for anyone keen on learning the origins of the powers of the brothers’ great swords, and to see Naraku try to corrupt the purity Kagome instilled in the Shikon jewel, it is still dramatic and exciting as before. Besides, who doesn’t love watching Inu Yasha and Sesshomaru duke it out?

Now, to talk about old friends long overdue, MegaTokyo Volume 6 appears this week by way of CMX. I know, I know, it has been a hell of a long time since 5 came out. But in case you thought you’ve lost interest in this one, here goes: Piro and Largo are now more or less settled into their lives in Tokyo, where the lines between fantasy and reality sometimes blur. The city boils and churns under the threat of impending d00m, led by an invasion of Zombie hordes. Fanboys gather to protest the rumored cancellation of a long-awaited game featuring Kimiko, their new favorite Idol. Piro races to save Kimiko from both the fanboys and a mysterious benefactor whom he does not trust. Largo enlists the aid a novice magical girl who is still trying to understand herself, her powers, and what exactly she should wear. And the cover is pretty.

There are a couple new things this week as I mentioned before, including a new Shonen Jump series called Hyde & Closer, by Haro Aso. Shunpei Closer is your average…well, slightly below average kid in junior high who finds himself in the middle of a great battle of dark sorcery. With cursed dolls coming after him one after another, Shunpei Closer’s life is in danger! If that weren’t enough, Hyde, the teddy bear given to him by his grandfather, suddenly comes alive to rescue him. With Hyde’s help, can Shunpei save himself and live to see another day? Nothing like owing your life to one gangster teddy bear. I mean, just look at that hat! You know he’s badass.

And finally, premiering this week is Wolf God by Ai Tenkawa, and brought to us by way of Doki Doki. Basically, a boy with sparkling gorgeous golden eyes, Kyonosuke sniffs Koyuki like a dog… and suddenly asks her the strangest question, “have you seen my brother?” Turns out that he is not a human – he’s a wolf – a member of Inugami, the Wolf God tribe. Kyonosuke’s brother has been missing for days and he has been instructed to find him and bring him back to the leader. But why is he around Koyuki all the time? Can she be holding a key to a missing brother?

That’s all the news this week, so until next time!
Ja Ne!

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