New Comics 7/14/10

by Unkiedev

Aspen comics have managed to publish a comic book WITHOUT a half-naked lady on the cover! This is an impressive feat for them, one sure to turn over some long standing bets with bookies keeping tabs on such things.

It’s called Scourge #0 and it’s written by X-Men scribe of old Scott Lobdell. Lobdell is one of those writers who I rather despised at the time, but who’s work still seems readable, almost fun and innocent now.

Apparently the Scourge is about people in New York City turning into gargoyles. I think there’s entire internet-chat rooms for people with that particular kink.


Meanwhile Dark Horse has a new book out this week from 14 time Eisner Nominee Mark Crilley named Brody’s Ghost Book 1, as well as a sequel/one-shot to the new Predator’s movie called Predators: Preserve the Game. I think Predator’s 2 would have been a much better movie if it took place in the New York of Aspen’s the Scourge! So would have the TV show “Friends.”

DC, Marvel and Everybody Else

Love him or hate him Grant Morrison continues his run on Batman with Batman #701, an untold tale of the bat between the tomb and the return. Doc Savage and The Spirit each have a #4 out for their latest revival, and Superman begins his new reign in J.M. Straczynski’s Superman #701. After the doozy ole’ Babylon 5 did on Wonder Woman, not to mention the never ending court battle between the heirs of Superman’s creators and DC over Supe’s origin story can we expect unconscionable retcons to run rampant in the Big Blue Boy Scout’s impending revamp?

Doc Savage #4Yes, yes we can.

Image has the sure to be awesome Chew #12, and IDW has (Amongst other things) new stuff from Darwyn Cooke and Scott Morse with The Man With The Getaway Face and Strange Science: Fantasy #1 respectfully.

Over in Marvel we have Amazing Spider-Man #637, a comic which begs the question: “Zombie Kraven the Hunter? Has it come to this?”

There’s lots of other comic books from Marvel this week, including Gorilla Man #1, but frankly I’m kinda’ broken hearted after that Spider-Man thing. I think I need a hug.


Famous Monsters #151X-Files/ 30 Days of NightMy money will be spent this week on IDW’s relaunch of Famous Monsters of Filmland, re-emerging from the primordial depth of cancellation with issue #251! I frickin’ love this magazine and can’t wait to submit headshots, I mean buy it. Also I’m buying X-Files/30 Days of Night #1 from Steve Niles and Wildstorm. Sounds like a humm dinger!

Now that I think of it, over half of the items I covered this week are relaunches, revamps mash-ups and otherwise reissues of older ideas. Geez, aren’t there any hip, new ideas around this country?

I mean BESIDES “Zombie Kraven” and “everybody in New York has turned into Gargoyles.”

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