New Manga Releases: Revenge of The Underdog

By Mat K.

Okay, so maybe this week’s title seems a little bit dramatic, but really its just to say that almost all of the books coming out this week are either TokyoPop or CMX. Now we all now that CMX is going down the drain, and the better titles from it are going to be absorbed into DC comics, (in case you did not know, CMX was in fact an imprint of DC), but it looks like they are trying to get out what they can while they can lately…not that they have much. This week also seems to be filled with series that have taken so long to progress that you would have sworn they were over. Books like Orfina, and Suppli, (CMX and Tokyopop respectively), I seriously thought Suppli was finished after 3 books, but I guess that would make me wrong.

One of the books coming out this week that I am particularly thrilled about is the fourth volume of the acclaimed Apple series, by various Korean artists. For anyone who may be unfamiliar, Apple is being produced in the States by Udon comics and much like the Japanese series “Robot”, Apple features art by some seriously amazing artists. Drawing, painting and computer graphics pieces abound. And these books become hard to get pretty fast, it’s a shame really.

I’m going to make a special note in this weeks article to announce that Sgt. Frog Volume 19 is in this week, and it is the final volume. I know I’ve said this about books before, but I think this time it’s actually true. Why a special note this about this series ending? Well, why not! It has been around forever, even though it isn’t as long as other series out there, and let’s face it, the merchandising for it is awesome. Who doesn’t love adorable little alien frogs who first came to rule our planet and failed.

There aren’t many series debuting this week, in fact, only one series that isn’t yaoi, and that is the new in the .Hack books: .Hack//Link written by CyberConnect2 (because manga writers don’t have real names anymore apparently), and illustrated by Megane Kikuya. Three years after the popular video game The World was shut down, Tokio Kuryuu cannot wait for The World R:X to come out. Unfortunately for him, he forgets to reserve a copy and finds himself with no access to the game. That is, until a mysterious new transfer student forces him into the game and makes him her servant!

I’m not sure which is which yet, but the character on the cover (other than Kite and Haseo), looks just like Edward from Cowboy Bebop, which is perfectly okay with me.

That pretty much wraps up the week, and there is plenty of stuff coming out this week. If there is a series you thought ended like two years ago, you may even want to swing by just to see if it’s one of these. Til next time!

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  1. Stacy

    Thanks for the nod on Apple – all four volumes have just been reprinted, so they should all be available for anyone looking to jump into the series. We’re trying to make sure they stay in-stock, but the demand always manages to be higher than we anticipate – which I guess says good things about the books, at least!