Top 5: Favorite Gunpla Kits (part 2)

By Christopher Troy

By now, most of you have died due to suffering from anxiety attacks related to what 3 Gunplas I would pick to round out the top 3. To those who have survived, I admire you’re strength. So let’s reveal another runner up, and  reveal what I ended up choosing for my top three choices.

Runner Up:

Gundam Cherudim

Series Origin: Gundam OO

In terms of accessories and value, it’s really hard to top the Cherudim. He comes with a variety of firearms, both large and small, and the snap-off armor/floating shield gimmick is very neat. But why didn’t it make the cut? Several reasons: out of the 4 Meisters, it’s definitely the ugliest/least unique looking kit I built. The boxy look does not do well for Lockon, especially given how sleek and thin the Dynames was.  2nd of all, it suffered from a weak left elbow joint which fell off nearly all the time, something I didn’t have to deal with when it game to the OO.  While it is a better kit (in my opinion) than the Dynames, it’s a honorable mention at best, and probably has something to do with the fact that I’m a pretty big Lockon fan.

3) DeathScythe Hell

Series of Origin: Gundam Wing

Like a good portion of the American Gundam fanbase I’ve encountered, Gundam Wing was my entry point into the series. I was hook instantly, taking to Duo Maxwell’s black and grey Gundam DeathScythe. Since the Wing line started off as a Toy’s R Us online exclusive before hitting shelves everywhere, I had to pay 40 somewhat dollars for a 1/100th Death Scythe kit. Something to this day I do not regret.

First and foremost, DeathScythe Hell is a badass looking kit. I prefer the bulkier 2nd version of DeathScythe to it’s sleekier, more femine design from Endless Waltz for the simple fact that it looks like some sort of Darth Vader/Batman Hybrid Mecha. The shield wings are a great concept, as is the double bladed Scythe, because I’m a sucker for clear, snap on energy bits. The bladed shield is really cool as well. My only problem with the Deathscythe is that it’s a bit dated. Still, I believe there’s a new version of the standard DeathScythe on it’s way, so who knows, mayhaps and upgraded version of Hell isn’t too far away.

And speaking off snap on accessories….

Gundam Strike Freedom

Series of origin: Gundam SEED Destiny

And with that, my Gundam SEED quota was met.

The SF was the first SEED kit I picked up when I got back into the franchise, and despite from coming from a subpar series, it’s a really fun kit. Armed to the teeth, the fact that it comes with clear “energy” to snaps onto the Gunpla to create an illusion that the funnels on the wings are flying is really neat. Also, unlike several of the other SEED kits I worked with in the past, the fact that the beams on the sabers are clear and detectable only please my inner Gunplay nerd further. More proof that the series doesn’t have to be great to have some fun Gunpla.

So who took #1?


Series of Origin: Char’s Counterattack.

I’ll be honest: I don’t care much for Amruo Ray, the hero of the original series. That also applies for the Gundams he piloted in the various series he’s appeared in, although Nu-Gundam from Counterattack is fine.  Char, on the other hand, got some sweet rides, with the Sazabi, without a doubt, the best. While the one  I assembled was gimmickless (there are appropriately hojillion versions of the Sazabi, ranging is size, grade, material), it doesn’t need lights, transforming, snap ons or any other action gimmicks; it’s an iconic kit based on one of the designed mechas in history of the genre. It not being number one would be an insult.

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