Review:HGUC Rick Dom II

by Loran

Continuing my semi unexpected “break” from the review “weeks”, I’m gonna be covering another kit from the HGUC 0080 series. In addition to the few new kits made for the HGUC line, all of the kits from the original line were redone. The Rick Dom II here was the fourth 0080 HGUC, coming out right before the Mass Produced Guncannon. This kit came in two flavors-the well-known classic Rick Dom colors that the original 0080 kit came in, and was later released in the “colony attack colors” which it donned in its first appearance in the OVA. Aside from the colors, both kits are identical.

Being one of the classic Zeon suits, a Dom is a staple of any collection, and this design is one of my favorites. It’s also the only Mobile Suit designed for Gundam 0080 to appear in an anime outside of 0080, showing up a few times in Gundam 0083, and a very minor cameo in 08th MS Team.

First off, I guess I was wrong about the MP Guncannon being the only visored/moneyed kit from the HGUC 0080 line to not have either a clear visor or monoeye. The monoeye for this kit is a sticker, but it’s guarded by a “shield” of clear plastic like the HGUC Dom and Zudah. In fact, the Zaku FZ and Kaempfer have stickers, too. Man, I should really pay attention to my models… Anyway, the shield is a really nice little touch that adds some realism to the kit. The head is a simple construction-consisting of four pieces including the guard, the “face”, the base of the head, and the neat German-inspired helmet.

Torso has your standard construction, with a nicely segmented waist needing no modification in the skirt department. The “scattering beam gun” is a separate piece making it easier to paint.

On the backpack, this kit has two small propellant tanks like some of the other 0080 designs, and a little rack for the heat saber. Underneath the skirt are 5(!) boosters.

Arms have basic construction-no double joint or special articulation. They’re capable of your standard 90 degrees of movement in the elbow. But, the really cool part is the hands; while it doesn’t have any open hands or anything, the hands have movable trigger fingers, allowing it to hold its guns naturally, especially the good ol’ MMP-80 machine gun.

The legs are nice and beefy, as you should expect from a Dom. They have a surprising amount of movement for legs that size and hold pretty well. They don’t really pose too well, but that’s to be expected. Doms hover so walking and running poses aren’t an issue. They also have a little flap at the ankle that helps with posing, too. Each leg has three boosters in them.

In the weapons department, this kit shines. You get the standard Dom equipment in the 0080-styled Giant Bazooka (with adjustable handle) and a heat saber. But wait, there’s more! You get two nicely-detail panzerfausts with the tops already colored red, and one of my favorite weapons in all of Gundam-The MMP-80 90mm machine gun. A glorious weapon that looks nice on almost any Zeon mobile suit.

Overall, yes, the Rick Dom II is a great kit. It’s one of my favorite Dom designs and this one certainly does it justice. If you’re not a fan of the purple, the Colony Attack colors are a more “Zeonic” green and tan. If you want a Dom for your collection and some extra weapons for your Zeon suits, this is your kit.

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