Warcraft With A Vengeance

By Mat K.

There’s not a tremendous amount of stuff coming out this week, but there are some good ones, and almost all of it seems to be TokyoPop as they try to take back the reigns at the end of the month. First in their arsenal this week, (I’m not sure why first exactly, it’s not alphabetical or anything), is World Of Warcraft: Shadow Wing “The Dragons Of Outland, written by Richard A. Knaak and illustrated by Jae-Hwan Kim. Yup it’s one hell of a title, and a pain for the computer systems, but it’s also a direct sequel to the Sunwell Trilogy from a couple years ago. At the end of the Sunwell Trilogy the blue dragon Tyri, and the human paladin Jorad left the Ghostlands. Unfortunately they get sucked through a dark portal and end up in Outland where the Orcs and other species come from. And there they discover a breed of dragons unlike any they have ever seen. Find out if they can control this strange, mutated army before it over takes them.

Also appearing this week is another World of Warcraft class-based book like the Death Knight book that came out a little while ago. this new one is called Mage. Basically it follows a young mage who faces his greatest challenge when he is forced to confront a foe only he can stop. And it has a really pretty cover of a lady Night Elf.

Warcraft things aside, there are also plenty of other good books coming in as well. Like Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys Volume 8. In this issue at the meeting of the government’s crisis control committee, Manjome Inshu unveils the Friend’s benevolent plan to distribute worldwide a vaccine against the virus being spread by the robot. The Friends, he says, have been developing such a vaccine since the terrorist germ attacks of 1997. At the same time, the Friends will contribute a monument they were building for their headquarters to serve as a blockade against the robot. The Friends are saving the day! Or are they?

This week also sees Dance In The Vampire Bund Volume 7 where we get to see the truth behind what happened in Akira’s hardship trial, and who was infected by the Pied Piper nano-bots. And in the new Future Diary Volume 6 Yuno and Yukiteru have disappeared, much to the consternation of Yukiteru’s friends. With the help of the police, Aru and the others find him in an old abandoned hotel, where he’s being held prisoner by a most unlikely captor! Then in Deadman Wonderland Volume 2 while hunting for the Red Man Ganta is thrown into a battle exhibition called the Carnival of Corpses, in which he is matched up against the powerful Senji. The battle is intense, but even if Ganta wins, is he prepared for the consequences?

As you can see, lots of exciting stuff for you guys this week, and of course there’s even more. So until next week!

Ja Ne!

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