Gundam Double-OH YEAH!: The 4 meisters Gundam review part 3

By Christopher Troy

Welcome back to Part 3 of my look at the Gundam 00 Mesiter Gundams. Head’s up for the two of you who care; we’re currently out of stock of any of pilot Allelujah Haptism’s Gundams on the 1/144th scale, so they will probably be a delay of some sort between parts 3 and 4. I apologize, but the 00 kits are some of the hottest Gunplas selling at Forbidden Planet, and we all prefer the customer getting first dibs on our stock than Loran and I. Worse cause scnario, we’ll concluded this in 2 weeks with a 1/100th scale kit for Allelujah.

That being said, Gundam 00 faithful have probably come to the conclusion by now that the next pilot’s Gundam we’ll be looking out is Tieria Erde, and his Gundam OO Season 2 mecha the Seravee Gundam.  Tieria is the rare exception to the Meisters, as both of his Gundams in OO are fairly bulky, and similar to design of the RX-78GP02a Gundam “Physalis” from the 13 episode OVA series “Mobile Suit Gundam 0083:Stardust Memory”. (Shamelss plug: Both Gundam 00 and Stardust Memory Gunplas are available at our NYC location and on the FP website!).

Like I said before, the thing is bulky, which definitely makes it stand out amongst the 4 Meister’s Gundams. However, thanks to it’s unique frame, it also leads to some of the most unique features out of the Gunplas we review so far.

Aside from being bulky, the Seravee is armed to the teeth, possessing a impressive amount of fire power. Let’s break down the numbers it can shoot you to death shall we?

As you can see, the Seravee has 4 flip out/over GN Cannons attached to it, which are easy to snap together, and a breeze to reveal/conceal.  Their also pretty strudy too,  being able to hold this assigned positions for weeks on end. That’s one of the general advantages of bulkier Gunpla, them tipping over/be fragile isn’t as much of an concern than their slimmer counterparts.

In addition to the 4 cannons attached to the Seravee, it comes with two GM rifles 2 as well, fairly long weapons, giving the Servaee some range with all it’s varios shooting. A breeze to assemble, these large rifle easily slip into the Seravee’s hands and are well support once inside, unlike the OO Gundam from last week.

To answer any lingering questions, yes that is my wife’s copy of the latest Victoria Secret’s catalogue.

Speaking of the OO Gundam,  The Seravee does share something in common with it’s weapons, they both transform. While the OO has swords that turned into sabers, the 2 already large rifle snap together at their respective toys to form a single, massive GN Bazooka II. Some may consider this overkill, but at least you’re getting your money’s worth right?

See big gun is quite big! In addition to these weapons, there’s also something called the “Face Burst Mode” (which sounds incredibly dirty!) going on with the back of the Seravee.

Wikipedia has failed me. If someone can explain to me why the Giant Robot needs a giant robot head backpack that is expandable, I’m all ears.

Overall the Servaee is a solid kit. However, there’s a common trend amongst the Season 2 OO kits that has been driving me insane.

See that gray slit on the left arm that’s suppose to be the elbow joint peg? I HATE IT! For some reason, everything I try moving the left arm on any of the season 2 OO kits, it has the “fun” habit of slipping off. Give me the traditional pegs of the older Gunpla any day. Seriously, this is a great line of Gunplas, I hate my option  damped by this sort of thing.

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