The Legend Continues

By Mat K.

Welcome to another exciting issue of your favorite manga updater. I know some of you are wondering what legend, and why is it continuing? A) I like Kung Fu, the old show, and the second series they made where Caine had a son who was a cop. And B) there seems to be only one series premier out of the whole lot. There are at least 23 other books coming in, and they are all continuations. Which I suppose is fantastic because people are always waiting for the next issue of the books they adore, but either way I’m a bit surprised.

The premiering series this week Flower Storm by Shigeyoshi Takagi. Riko Sassoku is trying to lead a normal high school life when Ran Tachibana bursts into her classroom carrying a gun and telling her that her life is now his. Ran, the richest, most powerful 17-year-old in Japan wants her as his wife, and he’s not taking no for an answer! If Ran can’t capture her by five o’clock the next day, he’ll give up on her, but he has all that money can buy at his disposal. However, Riko has one trick up her sleeve–she has superpowers!

So once again One Piece takes center stage releasing volumes 44, 45, 46, 47, and 48 as well as the East Blue collection 4 (consisting of volumes 10, 11, and 12). In the last few months we’ve sped right through East Blue, Skypeia, Water Seven and into the Thriller Bark saga. Thriller Bark was an island that had originated in the West Blue, but was converted into the largest pirate ship ever, and  was severely damaged during a fight between the Straw Hat pirates and Gecko Moria. Oh and all the inhabitants seem to be stitched together Frankenstein style freakazoids. Good times, good times.

D Gray Man Volume 17 comes out this week as well, and its business as usual, now that reconstruction of the Black Order is underway and all the survivors of the attack from issues 15 and 16 get back in gear. A strange experimental virus is ripping through the order turning people into zombies (of course), and even Krory gets infected, and attacks Allen and Lavi. Komui has to deal with it, since he created it, but not only does he literally not know where to begin, there is also a vengeful spirit who really wants to see the virus play out.

And finally, for all of the Makoto Tateno fans out there, the Yellow Ominbus Part 2 comes out, collecting Volumes 3 and 4 of her hit series. For anyone who doesn’t know the series, and likes a little unrequited boy love, in this edition a routine drug bust is all in a day’s work for Taki and Goh. When a dead doctor turns up at the scene of the crime, these veteran “snatcher” partners are suddenly forced to follow a twisting trail of clues (and a mysterious dog) for the answers. While bullets fly, Goh’s fierce desires also seek their target in Taki’s heart! The clock is ticking, and a criminal must be caught…but will Goh ever truly catch Taki’s eye?

Anyway, that’s all for now. See you next time!

Ja Ne!

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