Gundam Double-OH YEAH!: The 4 meisters Gundam review part 1

By Christopher Troy

Heya folks! Since I mentioned the Dynames in last week’s review, I figured I would review that kit first first, as I already have it constructed, and I’ve mentioned it twice so far in my articles. It’s actually my favorite of the OO Gundams, and I figured it would be a good lead in, as the remaining OO gunplas I’ll be looking at the next couple of weeks will all be in the 1/144th scale.

Compared to it’s successor from last week, you can see that the Dynames is a slimmer Gundam,. This probably has to do with the fact that it’s not as hand to hand combat friendly as the Cherudim, and primarily a long distance fighter, given the sniper rifle it’s holding on to. The down side to all of this is that it comes with a limited amount of weapons: the Dynames only come packing a GN Sniper Rifle, and 2 GN Beam Sabers, that easily snap into the back thrusters of the Dynames.

To add injury to the limit arsenal, there are no energy beams to snap into the hilts of the blades, and even if you had spare blades lying around from another Gundam, there’s no slit to pop them into it. The sabers are only decorative, which is a weak more on Bandai’s half.

The most unique accessory to the Dynames is the GN shield. Snapping onto the shoulder armor, it’s poseable enough for several different types of shielding variations on the Gundam. The picture above shows it being a little more spread out, giving the appearance that Lockon is setting up for a shot.

Here, the Dyname is without it’s shielding. Also worth nothing is that the GM rifle has 2 different stands, a closed one that’s grey, and an open one that came in white (which you’re suppose to paint grey. With it wasted grey in the first place strikes me as odd). Regardless of the color variant, it’s still a cool feature, allowing for more posing varieties


Here’s my attempt to pose the Dynames with the GN Shield in Full mood. Note the word attempt. According to the instruction manual, the grey joints atop of the shoulder were suppose to be able to swivel close, shielding the Dynames. Mine cannot. What is see here is my best attempt to close it, with no luck obviously.

The Dynames is my favorite version of Lockon’s 2 Gundam, but it’s hard to recommend this version of Gunpla. Aside from the flaws I mentioned above, it’s kind of fragile for a new Gunpla, which is a severe turn off. I was attempting to switch hands for final photo of the Dynames for the article, and the left hand snapped off, leaving the ball joint stuck in it’s hole. While the spare hand can replace the broken one, I first have to retrieve the remaining piece out of the hole, which is proving to be a pain, even with the assistance of several tools.

Given the choice, I would say go with the 1/100th scale Dynames, as it’s better made. If space is an issue and you prefer the 1/144th scale, be careful with it. Despite it being a newer Gunpla, it’s definitely not as well made as the Unicorn Gundam I reviewed way back when this blog first started. However, it seems to be the exception to the line, as Sestunsa’sĀ  OO GundamĀ  is extremely well made, which is something we’ll look at new week.

Yes this photo was taken before the hand broke. Perhaps the awesomeness of this brofist is the cause.

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