Stan Marsh Vs. Facebook (AKA The Master Control Program)

South Park, a program which I ashamedly admit I’ve only had a modest interest in since its debut despite a circle of friends who swear by its perpetual gut-busting charms, recently aired a spot-on episode titled “You Have 0 Friends” equating the ubiquitous behemoth Facebook to Tron’s Master Control Program.

Stan is digitized a la Kevin Flynn and sent to the Game Grid for having the audacity to attempt to delete his profile… and Facebook the MCP will have none of that!

So what sort of games are the conscripts profiles forced to play to gain their freedom? Jai Alai?  A Light Cycle race to the death?

NO!  Yahtzee!

Looove the episode’s Tron parody segments (the little touches go a long way- Facebook Saark is a more accurate cartoon depiction of a real person/character, actor David warner in this case, than any featured on The Simpsons in a long time… The MCP’s voice and the line, “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, Stan Marsh.” ), but the episode’s real strength is its biting commentary on the Facebook phenomenon and the various social changes it has loosed upon the world. For better, but mostly worse.

Great episode.


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