Assembling the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode) part 3: Finale

By Christopher Troy

Being a man of my word, I’ve managed to stave off Final Fantasy 13 and Megaman 10 (to an extent) and completed the Unicorn. Above the text is a completed and nearly completed leg. The amount of articulation is standard for a 1/144th sized kit (ankle, knee) but the foot itself is a little more sturdy than the average kit, which makes standing on it’s own easier.

See? Look at em! All….standy…..

Here we have the completed lower half of the Unicorn, which obviously means the kit is a upper torso away from being completed. Are you ready to see the final product? I hope so, or you’re going to be pretty disappointed with the rest of this entry.

TA-DA! Before the glory of the completed kit. Once again there was no paint used in the kit, but the blue/grey/white color scheme makes for a sharp look, and you can really see the details well! For further reference (and to take up space!) I took some side shots as well.

See? It’s like the images above, only taken from different angles.

Of course, this being a Gunpla kit, the Unicorn needs weapons. Can you imagine adding a Gundam NOT from G-Gundam to your gunnpla collection WITHOUT weapons?!?!

See? The minute I tried introducing the Unicorn to my Dynames kit, the Dynames pulled a gun on him! Luckily, the Unicorn is no with it’s share of weapons.

The Unicorn does come with a beam rifle, which despite photographing poorly,  is fairly large compared the Gundam, and easily fits into the pre molded alternative hand the Unicorn comes with.

See? Big gun is big! And fits into hand quite well! I am not a liar!

Shown above it the open, DRAMATIC ACTION HAND¬† on the left, the shooting hand (PEW PEW!) in the middle, and a “closed” hand for gripping a beam saber(more on that in a minute!). There’s a version of this for each the left and right hands, which is a nice addition.

Incase you can’t tell, that’s the shield that comes with the Unicorn. To be honest, I’m not thrilled with the all white shield. It could use a little more blue or grey to stand out more in the front. The gray piece on the back easily pops onto a peg located on the arm or the back of the kit.

I mentioned beam sabers before. As far as the hilts go, there’s a choice of 4 of them, with 2 strapped on the back and 2 hidden on concealed in the forearms of the kit. It’s neat, but unfortunately, you’re only given 2 blades. So it’s kind of overkill.

Overall the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam is great starter kit. There’s only 1 volume of the Unicorn DVD out (both in the US and Japan, blu ray only in the States) so if you want to get into the series, there’s only 90 minutes of Gundam to watch. The kit itself, isn’t too complex to assemble, and since the kit looks great without paint, it’s highly recommended to start off with. While it doesn’t look like the traditional Gundam (The Destroy mode does though, as we reviewed earlier), the Unicorn mode kit still looks pretty unique. The kit is available online for $18.00 on the FP website and 19.99 in the store, but it’s a hot seller, so if you want to come check it out, you have to hurry!

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