What’s Your Level of Commitment?

by Christopher Troy

So I guess introducing myself would be the best way to start this thing huh? Very well then, my name is Chris and this is the first entry on the Forbidden Planet Gundam-focus model kit (or Gunpla if you’re that hardcore) blog. Over the next couple of weeks, myself and my team of Gunpla fanatics (Loran and Monty, who you’ll be introduced to shortly), will be building kits. sharing our progress with the readers of this site, and hopefully drum up some interest in FP’s revamped Gundam section, which we all worked on to improve and meet the fan’s needs and desires. Some of you may already know Monty and Loran from 2009’s New York Anime Festival’s Model Kit panel, and I’m thrilled to have them sharing their kit building expertise. I can honestly say I’m definitely not as good as either of them in this hobby, but I’m good enough to help any potential newbies out there curious to start building kits of their own. Aside from our online tutorials, you can (hopefully, lol) expect some video, general Gundam news and product reviews, submissions of kits done by the model kit community (feel free to submit your kit pics and descriptions to nygunplayblog@gmail.com) and hell, maybe we’ll toss some Gundam related-cosplay pics up here as well every so often.

I suppose I should talk about which kit I’ll be tackling first. With the upcoming release of the first volume of Gundam Unicorn on Blu Ray this March, I figured I’d go with the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode) which is on the 1/144th HG scale.

Pretty cool looking huh? The all white color scheme gives it a Stormtrooper-esque look to it, and you can clearly see why it’s called Unicorn what with the big freakin’ horn in the middle of the helmet. Really excited to start assembling this kit, and I should have some photos of the unblocking, initial assembling next week. And if there’s a certain kit you want to see us tackle, order or discuss, feel free to drop us a comment!

-Christopher Troy used to blog about video games. Now he gets to talk about building giant robots. He appreciates his life, and often wonders how he managed to snag a hot nerd wife.

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  1. Kyle

    The HGUC Unicorn was my first gunpla too, just snapped it together, doing some panel lining now. Just bought MG Strike and a MG Patlabor for my second and third gunpla

  2. Chris

    I agree, the MGs (Master Grade for the newbies reading this)are a little more fun to work with, but keep in mind 2 things:

    1) The distributor for FP did not have any Unicorn MGs in stock.
    2) HGs are generally easier to work with, so I went with that for the initial post.

    Fear not though, with 3 builders on staff, I’m fairly certain one of us will tackle a MG kit soonish. And by soonish, I mean Monty, our 3rd writer, has a review on the HG Unicorn that should be on the blog within the next few days.

  3. Chris

    LOL, the Unicorn wasn’t my first gunpla, but it’s a fun little kit. My first one was a MG Deathscythe Hell back in summer of 2000.

    Which MG Strike did you pick up? I have the MG Sword Strike, with a whole bunch of HG Strikes.