Have a Tromatic Experience

New this week to Forbidden Planet’s YouTube page is Matt D (manager, T-Shirt buyer, horror expert, all-around swell dude), discussing TROMA films in all their magnificent lowbrow splendor, and our event with Lloyd Kaufman on Monday night celebrating their first Blu-Ray release of Poultrygeist…

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  1. Leonor

    Hey Matt! I came by your store a couple of weeks ago trying desperetly to get the comic book version of The killer condom, hope you remember me:P I’m a big troma fan and i fell in love with their crude, bloody an hilarious style when i was 15, back in my country (Peru) I just found out about Lloyd visiting your store but i think i’m not gonna make it since the bus doesn’t pass by that late. Are there any othe ways I can get Lloyd signing my forehead? Pleaaaase let me know if he’s gonna be in NY any longer!