Lynch & Herbert on Dune, Cameron’s Apology to Giger, & More

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  • Letters of Note features James Cameron’s response to H.R. Giger’s representation regarding the Swiss artist’s disappointment at not being contacted to collaborate on ALIENS despite “his, quite correct, intense sense of authorship of the creatures and designs.”  Despite Giger’s lack of involvement, Cameron’s team remained ultimately faithful to the original film’s design (wouldn’t you think Giger had a hand in The Queen?), but who knows what might have been.  Cameron’s letter shows him to be gentlemanly in regret, if not a tad full of Hollywood poopy-cocky.


  • Over at CBR, Shaun Manning has some words with Eisner-winner Jason Shiga regarding his upcoming book from Abrams/Amulet MEANWHILE, a sort of choose your own adventure yarn purporting to have “3,856 story possibilities,” all stemming from the protagonist’s choice between vanilla or chocalate ice cream.


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