By Unkiedev

“Spoilers” are like being buried up to your neck in sand, and having honey poured on your face to attract passing ants. I mean, most people don’t want it, but for a few folks “it’s their thing” and they’re welcome to it… just keep it off my web browser!

Still, there is a certain amount of fun in knowing things others don’t, but why do we need to have the actual intellectual properties we love ruined for that pleasure? NOT anymore, we don’t!


Introducing Unkiedev’s “SpoilerSpoilers.com!” We will NEVER spoil any of your favorite comic books, TV shows, video games and movies, but we WILL tell you WHO WILL and WHEN!


Want to know WHO is going to best spoil Blackest Night’s big finale? Rich Johnston will, on Bleedingcool.com on February 23rd, 2010! When will “Bruce Wayne” Batman be coming back? I DON’T KNOW, but I know who knows and when they’ll spill the beans: Dan Didio will accidentally reveal all in a twitter post in March! What’s going to happen during the new Scy-Fy show “Caprica?” Battlestar Galactica show runner Ronald D. Moore will reveal everything that will happen during the show when he premieres his sequel show, “Battlestar Galactica,” in 2004!



I don’t THINK it’s a spoiler-spoiler to mention that big things will be revealed in this week’s issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer #31, but maybe it is, so a spoiler-spoiler warning is due: they will. Dark Horse is really knocking the hits out of the park, and this week they also have two great reprint editions, Creepy Archives Vol. 5 and The Barry Windsor-Smith Conan Archives Vol. 1!

Maybe I’m a fuddy-duddy, but I’m liking the readability and affordability of these big reprint collections ALMOST more than reading new comics.

DC has that young upstart Dick Grayson wearing his daddy’s clothes over in Batman #695, as well as more Blackest Night tie-ins than you can shake a stick at.

IDW owns licensing rights. Boy, do they! This week alone they’re publishing the latest issue of Buffy’s pal Angel in Angel #29, as well as a Star Trek’s very own Captain Sulu in Sulu #1. Let’s keep out fingers crossed for an IDW Angel/Sulu team-up! In my mind they paint each other’s toenails and have a pillow fight!

And then there’s Marvel. A new issue of Spidey, Amazing Spider-Man #617, as well as Nate Gray over in Dark X-Men #3 and many other fine comics this week, too, NONE of which feature Deadpool. How did that happen?


AGAIN, I won’t spoil the end of the year lists of the best comics of the year, but I CAN spoil when some of these are being published: The end of the year. OH, you mean “When are the best comics being published?”

Well, right now!

Roger Langridge’s incredible run on The Muppet Show continues this week with The Muppet Show #1! Any Week with Buffy, Muppets and Sulu fighting Angel (In my mind) is a good week for comics, folks! YAAAY!

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