Manga New Releases: Shinjuku Say Wha?

By Mat K.

Happy Thanksgiving folks and welcome to another exciting issue of your favorite manga update column. There’s a decent about of things showing up this week, but by no means one of those giant “everyting-comes-out-at-once” weeks. So if you have a lot of cooking and traveling to do, you will be glad to know there wont be 30 different books you know you have to pick up. But if you’re one of those who needs reading material because you can’t stand actually interacting with those creatures that call themselves your family, don’t worry there is still plenty of good stuff for you to distract yourself with.

Manga New Releases: Shinjuku Say Wha?There are definitely a few things you need to hear about but let’s start with a few highlights I feel need to be pointed out, either out of actual interest or amazement that it exists. First on the list is DNAngel Volume 13. You were not expecting it, I know, at least not this soon. It only took them 3 or so years to print Volume 12 after 11 came out, but it’s true, only a couple months after the release of DNAngel 12, here comes 13! Rejoice! Also, Lagoon Engine Volume 6 is here. I have to say, I thought the series was over at 4, then, about 2 years ago Volume 5 appeared and the fans were thrilled. And then you thought it was over again, but apparently not, because here comes 6.

Just a couple of mentions of interest, Berserk Volume 32 which I know you guys have been antsy for, and Junjo Romantica Volume 11, which it has been a little while since 10 came out. Oh and by the way, Lucky Star Volume 3. Apparently They’re making up for the long delay between Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Manga New Releases: Shinjuku Say Wha?There are a couple new series this week as well, in case you’re looking for something new to get into while you’re on the train, plane, or just at the kitchen table ignoring everyone. You may want to check out Lizard Prince if you like shojo stories with magic spells, princes and princesses, and love triangles, but my focus this time is This Ugly Yet Beautiful World. Yeah it is a long title, it doesn’t even fit into out computer systems, but everyone loved the anime so much we couldn’t keep the DVDs in stock, so the release of the manga is thrilling. Basically, these two teenage boys are being all angsty until they see a light in the woods, and upon investigating, find a girl…then get attacked by alien monsters. It’s a great way to start a series, just ask Outlaw Star, except replace alien monsters with space pirate sorcerers.

Manga New Releases: Shinjuku Say Wha?

On a last non-manga note, the new Naruto Shippuden TCG set Foretold Prophecy booster packs and starter decks are here, and they are so shiny, you Naruto fans out there know you need to get your hands on them. That’s all I got this week, so til next time!

Ja Ne!

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