Comic Books Save the World, Kind of

Comic Books Save the World, Kind ofWhere can the average American go to see super-powered mutants save the Earth from other super-powered mutants? How about if you had a great desire for monsters combating the undead? Let us, for the sake of argument, say someone very close to you would die unless they could experience adventures of a man dressed up as a Bat, or even a blue-and red spider?

In an alternate world without the printing press you would be screwed! You’d also probably be a lowly farm-hand with no need to read in your daily existence. LUCKILY for all of us, we live on a probability wavelength that includes COMIC BOOKS!

It might be luckier for us if we lived in an alternate world with REAL Super-heroes, though comic book experience tells us otherwise. How many times has New York been wiped out, secretly Invaded, Hulked upon and generally destroyed in Marvel Comics ALONE?

Naw, for all the fun and excitement of cosmic adventures without any of property devaluing realities of these situations one can’t beat Comic Books!


What fair comic books do we have out this week? Dark Horse has Dr. Horrible, a one shot comic serving as an official prequel to “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog,“ the Joss Whedon web series that somehow won an Emmy without ever being on TV.

Marvel has a pretty sensational Spidey book: Dark Reign – The List – Spider-Man. Looks like Norman Osborn, a.k.a the Green Goblin and ole’ Web-head are going to have it out once and for bloody all, and serving as ringmasters are the incredible team of Dan Slott, arguably the best Spidey writer Marvel has, and super-star penciler Adam Kubert!

Marvel is also launching the newest book from Humberto Ramos: Kookabura K #1. Ramos has an astoundingly fluid yet stylized style that combines the best of European and American sensibilities, a style he’ll put to good use on this new book about swashbuckling space heroes and the violence they commit on their fellow men/women/alien brethren. If you’ve never bought a Ramos book, now is the time!

What has Marvel’s Distinguished Competition been up to? How about Bizarro and the Man-Bat taking over Superman/Batman #66 to fight a Black Lantern empowered Solomon Grundy? Now THAT’S entertainment! More Blackest Night shenanigans are afoot over in this week’s Adventure Comics #4, when the Black Lanterns are after Superboy Prime. I sure hope they frag that reality warping sociopath.

IDW is releasing their latest ongoing Transformers comic, conveniently titled Transformers Ongoing #1. This is the first jumping on point for the current Transformers book in years. If Giant Robots disguising themselves as 80’s cars and planes is the flavor that you savor then NOW is the time to indulge!

Finally, DC/Wildstorm has a little tale that is equal parts insipid and intriguing: Victorian Undead #1 (of 6). Yup, someone had to make a Sherlock Holmes vs. Zombies comic, and now it’s here. Arthur Conan Doyle sure was an unoriginal hack that he never figured out the magic in this pairing. Still, I am a sucker for a Holmes tale done right. I’ll give this book ONE CHANCE.

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