FP Travel Guide- Thanksgiving ’09 Edition

We here at the Planet know what a grind traveling on Thanksgiving holiday weekend can be. My dad moved to Jersey in the 90s and I can personally attest to the many varied horrors of Penn Station and the NJT on the Wednesday before Turkey day.


So here’r some reading suggestions of books releasing this week you may want to pick up for your various road trips to friends’ and/or families’ abodes. Hopefully these books will take your mind of grandpa’s snoring next to you in the car, bring you serenity even though the kid behind you is kicking your seat on the plane, guard you from the dude (or dudette) hovering over you on the train’s halitosis, or just generally getcha through a long holiday weekend.

chewChew V.1 TP Taster’s Choice- Tony Chu: Detective.  With a twist.  Tony gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats, making him one helluva bloodhound if he’s willing to ingest oh, say, corpses, crud off the floor, and all manner of unpleasantness.  Pretty nifty concept from creators John Layman and Rob Guillory.  Published by Image, this graphic novel should whet the appetite of any starved fans of Warren Ellis’ Fell.  The book’s also got its tongue firmly in cheek and if you dug the television program Pushing Daisies or the grotesqueness of a Chuck Palahniuk short story you definitely want to give this a try.  Plus- how apropos on a holiday based around gorging, chowing down, and general pigging out?! And it’s only ten bucks!

winterThe Winter Men TP – The Soviet Union has collapsed and as the subjects of an experiment to create superheroes deal with the fallout.  Writer Brett Lewis and artist Jean Paul Leon paint a very bleak, very cold atmospheric gem.  While not the flashiest books on the racks, believe me, it’s mondo terrific.  Winter Men’s got cult masterpiece all over it.

There ya have it.  Cannibalistic detectives and ex-commie superheroes.  Now you have something to talk about at the dinner table.

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