New Releases in Manga: Manga = Love

New Releases in Manga: Manga = LoveBy Mat K.

This is definitely the week that has something for everyone. It’s not quite as massive a release list as last week, but then, that was the first week of the month and we are inching ever closer to the holidays. We’re seeing a lot of yaoi, shojo books, shonen series, books for grown ups and books for little kids.

I feel like I don’t write often enough to the new manga generation, all the kids who fall under the “All Ages” rating category (because books for 10 year-olds are still too mature for you guys). So let’s start with Bakugan! Oh yeah, Bakugan Battle Brawlers Volume 3 is here this week. Masquerade and Rikimaru take on Dan and Drago in an amazing battle, and what’s worse is that Dan and Drago can’t agree on how to battle. This is going to be one tough battle. And for those kids out there who aren’t into battling monsters there is a new book this week called Swans In Space by Lun Lun Yamamoto, and here’s the best part, it’s in full color! join two new space patrol recruits and their fluffy blue alien guide as they help people across the galaxy!

In continuing series news, Inu Yasha Volume 42 comes out, but not only that, we now know the next Viz Big series. That’s right, Inu Yasha Viz Big edition Volume 1 comes out as well. Oh, and hold onto your panties for this one…Flame Of Recca Volume 33 is here. I know, right? I had thought Viz just as well dropped it for some reason. If anyone out there has been cruising for earlier volumes you’re sure to have noticed those have not been so available for a while now as well. So no new issues, and no old issues, what did they expect us to think? Well, I’m still an advocate for it because it’s still a great series, (still in love with Saicho, the paper master). Also showing up this week, Tsubasa Volume 24, which seemed awfully fast after 23, but maybe I’m just delusional. Oh, and Yakitate Japan Volume 20, which I can’t even believe made it this far. Never thought it would be such a long series, but maybe that’s just me.

Finally, there is a  brand new series of interest that needs a little attention. And that would be Crimson Shell by Jun Mochizuki. If you’ve heard of Pandora Hearts (in Yen + Magazine and soon to be published in manga form), then you’re familiar with Jun. The premise? There is something called the Black Rose, and it can turn people into insane monsters. There is an Anti-Black Rose special forces unit with a witch named Claudia, also known as the Witch of The Rose. Then one of the leaders of the Anti-Black Rose unit double crosses them and things go horribly wrong.

That’s the spill for this week, and as usual there are a million other things of course worth checking out. Til next time.

Ja Ne!

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