Not Just Comic Book Super Heroes

Not Just Comic Book Super Heroes

By Unkie Dev

The Comic book market is dominated by super-heroes, but not if these titles have anything to say about it:

The Book of Genesis: Illustrated by Robert Crumb, R. Crumb (A) WW Norton

R. Crumb is one of the greatest comic book artists of all time, and this might be his living masterpiece. Robert Crumbs art is incomparable, and his work here fully illustrating the Biblical book of genesis is possibly his best. Why buy this book?

First off, the book was written by God, so you know it’s going to be interesting. Secondly the art is Crumb at his best, the absolute work of a master draftsman whose work shall be collected and discussed for generations to come. This is less a graphic novel and more the benchmark for how art comics will forever be judged.

If you’ve never read R. Crumb before GET THIS BOOK. If you’re already a fan than THIS is our payday! Unkiedev sez: “#1 Top recommended book OF THE MONTH!”

High Moon, David Gallaher (W), Steve Ellis (A), DC comics

DC comics is always in a search for the next great online talent via their web comics web site ZUDA. High Moon was ZUDA’s first contest winners and has enjoyed a long publishing run since 2007. Most recently its been nominated for several Harvey Awards, and its fan-base continues to grow.

High Moon is a spooky mash up of the supernatural and the old West. Sure, these two flavors have been mixed together in the past, but NEVER as savory as High Moon! Join bounty hunter Matthew MacGregor as he faces werewolves, The American government and the inhospitable country of Oklahoma in this fist collected volume of the internet’s shining star: High Moon!

Mickey Mouse and Friends #296, BOOM! Studios

BOOM! Studios have been knocking out some great books from the ink well of Disney, including Mark Waid’s fun run on Pixar’s The Incredibles and Roger Landgridge’s The Muppet Show, but those properties are Disney assets, not the mouse itself. Mickey Mouse and Friends #296 will be BOOM!’s first time up at bat at a CORE Disney property, and it looks PRETTY COOL!

Author Stefano Ambrosio and illustrator Lorenzo Pastrovicchio begin a run on this venerable title with tales of Mickey, Donald and Goofy as wandering magicians in a fantasy world. Think of this comic as Kingdom Hearts without the Capcom characters. As corny as it sounds, Mickey and Friends seems like the right book at the right time. In other words, just all out fun, fun, fun!


Don’t forget to give our regular favorites a try: Green Lantern #46 from DC, G.I. Joe: Cobra Special #1 from IDW, King City #2 from Image and Marvel titles like Hulk #15, Marvel Zombies Return #5: The Avengers, New Mutants #5 and X-Force #19 all ship this week, too!

I’m really excited to pick up Udon’s Megaman: Official Complete Works art book this week, as well. Halloween’s just around the corner, and I’m going to need reference for my Skullman costume!

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