Manga Pick of the Week: Chibi Vampire Volume 14

Manja Pick of the Week: Chibi Vampire Volume 14

By Mat K.

Hello one and all, this is gonna be a slow week, but we do have a few titles you’re gonna want. First up on the list is my pick of the week, Chibi Vampire Volume 14. Granted, I thought this series was going to end about 4 volumes ago, but I’m kinda glad it’s still pushing on. If it didn’t, we would not have gotten to meet her awesome grandmother, and get in on the family history. Not to mention the secret of why she’s the only vampire who gushes blood instead of drinks it. I’m not going to give any of it away, for the sake of any new readers, but I’m just thrilled it became so much more than a cheesy high school romance story.

Also coming in is a new book by Naduki Koujima (Our Kingdom, Great Place High School), called Spicy But Sweet. Yes it’s another boys love story coming in from June Press, following the first volume called Naughty But Nice. I would give a whole description, but it’s safe to say ever since her first U.S. release Selfish Love, we know what the premise is going to be. Resistant uke, forceful and/or demanding seme. Not that any of us mind, hey, if the formula works!

Now in Neon Genesis news, first on the block is the release of The Shinji Ikari Raising Project Volume 2. For those who forgot, the SIRP is an alternate reality kind of story where all our favorite characters have new roles. It’s not as far removed as Angelic Days (where all the NERV stuff is just a dream of another world), but more of a combination. There is still a NERV, and Gendo Ikari is still in charge, but Misato is a homeroom teacher, Ritsuko is the school nurse, and everyone is hot for Kaworu, even Shinji…well, I suppose that bit is pretty much the same no matter what universe it is.

And the second bit of NGE news is the new chibi figures we got in. The adorable new series features Rei and Asuka, per usual, but also Mari Makinami. For anyone who doesn’t know, Mari is the new 5th Child introduced in the new movies rebooting the NGE series. Each of the chibi figures features a super-chibi angel for each of the girls. The best part about these? They’re not blind boxes! So come in and pick the pilot girl you want.

And my last bit of spiel for the week is a new series coming in called Karakuri Odette by Julietta Suzuki. Basically a young scientist makes a super hot, super human-like android and named her Odette. Odette wants to know more about the human condition and tries to figure out what really makes people and androids different. Of course she goes about this by going to high school. Where else would an outsider get a good objective sample of human behavior. Anyway, that’s all this time.

Ja Ne!

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