James Horner Composes Avatar Score

Movie Score Magazine has some news regarding the music beind James Cameron’s forthcoming Avatar, composed by James Horner (maestro extraordinaire behind some of Hollywood’s most thrilling and memorable music for the past 30 years, including a great many personal faves, e.g. Star Trek II, ST III, and Aliens).

Talking about the stats and numbers of the score, Knobloch said that they “are still changing and evolving as James Horner is keeping up with James Cameron and the cutting room, who are still busy fine-tuning the film.  The film will run the better part of three hours and there will likely be nearly as much score.”  The main orchestra used for the score features over 100 musicians, including eight horns, four trumpets and five trombones.  The string section is huge, comprising of 70 players.  The music also features vocalists singing in the film’s Na’vi language, as well as a few other acoustic and electronic instrumentalists.

James Horner+Science Fiction= Genius.  Ususally.  So one’s gotta be excited.  God, I even love Krull, if only because it’s a fantastcic score for one of the dopiest fantasy movies of all time.

And yes, I have noticed that Horner recycles many of his Wrath of Khan themes (1982- I remember opening day, was there) in Krull (1983- opening day, was there).  Hell, that movie recycles roughly 11,378 things from every scrap of SF/Fantasy that ever came before it.  It’s still damn cool.

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  1. Jeff Ayers

    Goddam I love Krull! Thank you cousins Esther and Marie for taking me to this movie and holding my hand throughout my first viewing at the tender age of 6. Not that it was so scary- though, in retrospect the death toll was outrageous for its time- but for indulging my burgeoning SF fandom.

  2. admin

    Where’s NECA with a Cyclops action figure (with awesome Fire-treading-horse-riding, crushed to death action)???

    At least make a Glaive replica for frig’s sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!