The Neverending Question: Gaiman and Doctor Who.

No, the neverending question seemingly is not how many girls has James Bond impregnated, but will Neil Gaiman write an episode of Doctor Who?

The question has been asked hundreds and hundreds of times but recently on’s Morning Spoilers edition they picked up on someone on some Doctor Who message board saying Gaiman would write Episode 10 of the 2010 season.

Which resulted in a Gaiman denial on everyone’s favorite shouting box, Twitter.  Which resulted in a post speculating that he’s really denying writing Episode 10, but not specifically denying writing for Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who at all.  The whole post is exhausting to read, that last sentence was exhausting for me to write, so it must have been exhausting for you to read. I just like the idea of Gaiman writing a Doctor Who episode, as far I’m concerned that would rock.

Moving on…

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