Check out Rorschach as Freddy Krueger in the first trailer for Nightmare on Elm Street.

When I was a kid, my Dad frequently contributed to my movie fixation at a very young age. I watched extremely violent films that were spectacularly unsuitable for a kid between the ages of 6-8. This movie was one of them.  Predator was another one, which I still think is the best movie the Governator ever did. For me, this remake–though Jackie Earl Haley is an outstanding casting choice–has little chance to work for me.  It just isn’t Nightmare on Elm Street without Johnny Depp being crushed by a bed.  But thanks for trying.

Another thing I noticed: The Flash from Smallville (Kyle Gallner) keeps on  subjecting himself to these horror-porn films.  Like creepy stuff coming out of his mouth in a horror movie taking place in Connecticut, (hey, Connecticut is creepy enough. Why make a horror movie about it?). Gallner has upped his game in the horror movie genre by moving on to getting mauled by Megan Fox and now being killed by Rorschach. I tell you, Kyle, you’re becoming quite the rising star.

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