Another convention? This one is in Brooklyn.


A month after the Big Apple Con,  spotlighting Wizard Entertainment we’re going to have another comics related convention, this time celebrating the comic creators of Brooklyn! Sweet. 

Via press release, King Con will feature such creators as Brian Wood, Dean Haspiel, Molly Crabapple, and Al Jaffe. There is a ton more.

The convention is being held Nov. 7-8 at the Brooklyn Lyceum, which, I’ve never heard of because I live in Manhattan.  (I’ve been saying for years how I want to move to Brooklyn–just haven’t yet). Regardless, apparently the Brooklyn Lyceum is a one-hundred year old bath house.

“The lack of a Brooklyn based comic convention always surprised me,” says writer, artist, and convention co-organizer Mike Zagari. “Now with KING CON, Brooklyn’s flourishing and emerging writers and artists finally have an event to call their own!” With its close proximity to the subway, and its stunning, raw space, the building intends to do just that. Located in a century-old NYC Public Bath house turned event and performance space along a formerly rough and tumble industrial stretch of Fourth Avenue, the Lyceum has been, since 2000, a venue for emerging and well-established talent. Past showcases have included Jose Gonzalez, The Polyphonic Spree, The Dresden Dolls, Yo La Tengo, Fiona Apple and French folk singer Krystle Warren.

Seems like its going to be a great time, and a pretty cool venue, which I always appreciate, because I can’t stand bland venues (see the Javitz Center).

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