Eisner-Winners Evan Dorkin, Jill Thompson @ Animal Planet

The Daily Treat, a blog for Animal Planet, one of the Discovery Channel’s other networks (sheesh, that was a handful) has a keen interview up with Evan Dorkin (Milk & Cheese, Dork) and Jill Thompson (Scary Godmother, The Invisibles) covering their new miniseries from Dark Horse, “Beasts of Burden.”

beastsEvan: The series is about a group of neighborhood dogs and a stray cat that come together to protect their town from the supernatural.  The town is apparently cursed, and the people living there aren’t attentive enough to notice anything is wrong, at least not yet.  So it’s up to these pets to do what they can, with the help of two wise dogs who are training them in the occult.  So far they’ve dealt with a haunted doghouse, a coven of witches and their black cat familiars, a pack of zombie dogs, and a werewolf.

The new series spins out of their Eisner-winning short story that appeared in The Book of Hauntings from a few years back, and having read the recently released issue #1, I’m glad to report this new series has a lot of promise so far.

The entire interview can be read here.

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