Go Ballistic!

I love Ballistic.  They’re a publisher of fine digital art books based in Australia and their line is absolutely magnificent.  A tad on the pricey side, butcha pay for quality, dang it! They’re worth every penny, but they’re also incredibly hard to find in the big chain bookstores.  That’s why I strive to have them in depth in the Forbidden Planet NYC store and online at forbiddenplanetusa.com.

My rep with them is a real sweet fella named Alan Halsted, and he’s started a blog for Ballistic.  Be sure to check it out often as he’ll be posting previews, pics, and other secrets of the universe.

He also recently posted about Ballistic’s association with FP, and featured a really doofy picture of some geek in love with Ballistic’s stuff:

Hi. I'm Jeff and I haven't slept in a week cuz I love this book so much!
Hi. I’m Jeff and I haven’t slept in a week cuz I love this book so much!


I really do give Ballistics stuff my full endorsement.  Explore their site, check out their books, and pick ’em up. This won’t be the only time this publisher is mentioned, so stay tuned.

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  1. Alan Halsted

    Jeff! You legend! What an awesome post! Thank you so much…you are the rockinest rocker in Rockertown…

    Just as an aside though, it is Massive Black, though we all think that the next one should be called Maximum Black… and as a result we gave each other power names…

  2. Jeff Ayers

    Ya know, that tag typo was totally inserted under duress. That’s a stellar book, dude, and I’m upset I got it wrong. Ever the perfectionist (sorta) I have since gone back and amended the offending snafu.

    Yeah- I can totally envision this whole Ashley Wood-esque series of book titles. Maximum Black, Monumentous Black, Magnanimous Black, etc!