The Levitz Paradigm featuring DEADPOOL: MERC WITH A MOUTH.


Previously, I wrote about The Levitz Paradigm and how its contributed to the way comics are done today.  So, to give you an example of how that works we’re going to examine a book, and considering my Deadpool obsession, (that’s been curbed for a while now) I’m going to take the opportunity to talk about Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth.

To recap, the Levitz Paradigm works in stages.  It can be laid down in a grid, primarily it works best in a mini-series.  In this sense its kind of like working on the Stair Master.  Plot A is the immediate conflict, Plot B functions as a sub-plot, Plot C and D are the sub-sub plots. Each gets promoted as one is resolved.  Here’s how it works with regards to the first two issues of Victor Gischler’s HILARIOUS and over-the-top book. Because Deadpool should be over the top.

So here goes Issue #1, warning, SPOILERS n00bs, and don’t expect this to be a summary of point by point of the issue. The issue is not presented in this manner: Plot A: Deadpool is hired by A.I.M to recover a weapon from the Savage Land.  Plot B: Is the big reveal that the weapon that A.I.M wants Deadpool to obtain is the head of Zombie Deadpool from the Zombie Marvel Universe (Universe 666, I guess? I don’t know. I don’t read those Zombie books).  Plot C: Deadpool encounters his A.I.M. contact, Dr. Betty Swanson and subsequently falls in love with her.  Plot D: Is Deadpool encountering Ka-Zar who warns him of Hydra agents, and wanders in and out.  He’s around for two pages.

At the end of Issue 1, Plot A is resolved as Deadpool obtains the weapon which is the disembodied head of the Zombie version of himself.  Plot B becomes Plot A in the  second issue as everyone comes after him in the second issue because the Cavemen worship the Zombie Head. Plot C is promoted to Plot B as the Betty Swanson plotline who guides Deadpool through the jungle and the ensuing battle with the Cavemen. Plot C is Hydra gets Deadpool and Betty betrays him to save her own skin.  The Zombie head gets left behind and Ka-Zar (Plot D) resolves to do something.

So, one can imagine what will happen in the third issue (out tomorrow) we can imagine that the plot that moves up is Betty Swanson’s betrayal and Deadpool’s capture by Hydra and how they deal with that.

So there you have it.  Questions? Comments? Bueller…Bueller…?

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