Celebrating SURROGATES movie, Top Shelf has $3 Sale.


Celebrating the premiere of the Bruce Willis film, Surrogates publisher Top Shelf is having a THREE DOLLAR graphic novel web sale starting today through the Surrogates premiere September 25.

There is more though! Via Press Release, Top Shelf PR guru Chris Staros says you can download a Surrogates app for the iPhone which includes the first two issues of the ground breaking series for 99 cents, and the rest of the issues for the same price.

Staros says this web sale deal is good for retailers as well, but to email in regards to it.  Below is a list of $3 sales and slashed prices on some books completely worth your time like Lost Girls, Jeff Lemire’s Essex County and Blankets.

— $3 Books: The Barefoot Serpent, The Country Nurse, Sulk,
After the Snooter, That Salty Air, and more!
— $3 Books: Please Release, Tales of Woodsman Pete,
Less Than Heroes, Fox Bunny Funny, The King, and more!
— $3 Books: Regards from Serbia, Comic Book Artist,
Hutch Owen, Delayed Replays, Micrographica, and more!

— Slashed Prices: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,
Lost Girls, From Hell, Blankets, Carnet De Voyage, and more!
— Slashed Prices: The Surrogates, Essex County,
Swallow Me Whole, Clumsy, Veeps, and more!
— Slashed Prices: Far Arden, Super Spy, Owly, Korgi,
Johnny Boo, and more!

Details on the sale can be found at the Top Shelf website.

Happy shopping!

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