Alan Moore talks MARVELMAN!

Neil Gaiman (left) and Alan Moore (right) at Moore's wedding.

The question I’ve been wanting to know with regards to  Marvelman has been answered, but with some not so great news.  Marvel will be reprinting the original Marvelman adventures written by Moore, but in completely shocking (shocking!) news he wants his name removed from the copy.

In this interview with Mania, Moore explains why he wants his name removed not just because of his troubles with Marvel, but because he wants the money to go to very old Marvelman creator Mick Anglo. I can appreciate that, and as Captain Hook would say: Good form. What’s actually constantly entertaining about this entire situation is that Marvel originally sued to have Marvelman’s name changed to Miracleman, while Moore was working on the title. Which caused Moore to vow to never work with the publisher.  He reiterates his stance in the interview:

After being initially informed by Neil’s lawyer, I had to think about it for a couple of days. I decided that while I’m very happy for this book to get published—because that means money will finally go to Marvelman’s creator, Mick Anglo, and to his wife. Mick is very, very old, and his wife, I believe, is suffering from Alzheimer’s. The actual Marvelman story is such a grim and ugly one that I would probably rather that the work was published without my name on it, and that all of the money went to Mick. The decision about my name was largely based upon my history with Marvel—my desire to really have nothing to do with them, and my increasing desire to have nothing to do with the American comics industry. I mean, they’re probably are enough books out there with my name on them to keep the comics industry afloat for a little bit longer. I left a message to that effect with Neil. I’ve since heard back from the lawyer upon another issue, and he said that he was certain that would be the case—that Marvel would accede to my request. That looks like the way it will be emerging. And, Neil will be able to finish his Marvelman story because he has a completely different relationship with Marvel than I have with them—or rather, don’t have. The main thing is that I will feel happy to know that Mick Anglo is finally getting the recompense he so richly deserves. And, I will have distanced myself from a lot of the deceit and ugliness that surrounded the relaunching of Marvelman as a character.

I think it would be good for everyone if we just forget that Mr. Moore just said that there are enough books out there with his name on them to keep the industry going for a little while longer. Yeah.

Regardless, its a really great interview on how Moore got to be involved with the project in his nascent years coming up in comics.  Considering his work on the character was seen as a launching pad for modern comic luminaries like Mark Buckingham, Alan Davis and Neil Gaiman (above, pictured with Moore).

Regardless of that statement, Moore goes on to justify his reasoning for taking his name off the project as really not at all about his hatred for the super-ironic Marvelman/Miracleman merry-go-round but to give Mick Anglo money he feels he’s owed.  Its worth a click to get the whole  story behind Moore’s involvement with the project, and his clear-eyed direction on the controversy. I just can’t wait for these volumes to come out.

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